A Masterclass on Healing our Relationship with Money

Welcome Women,
I am delighted to invite you to this masterclass on living the life of our dreams without compromising our conscience. 

Many of us carry huge shame & confusion around money. Particularly as women. We are okay with giving and giving but many of us struggle to receive. Money is our current value exchange. There is no getting around it. It is time we looked at our fears & embraced being valued.

You deserve to be paid for your art,
your service & your magic...

Why? Because you deserve to live a life that supports your dreams. That creates more beauty, more care, more healing in the world. We have to stop pointing fingers at what is wrong and create a new current of currency that feels right. 

Women are creating waves of change in the world. How we view, make and play with money is a crucial aspect of that change. Some questions we will explore in this workshop...
What are our main money blocks?

What does true abundance feel like?

How do we earn and spend with integrity? (and not fall prey to the greed machine)


This masterclass is an opportunity to EXPLORE together. To be radically honest with our shadows, our concerns and our yearnings. 

To rewrite the code of currency and let it support our magic and our service in the world.


  • A 90 min live Zoom call

  • A safe and sacred space to connect deeply with ourselves and our sisters 

  • Some energetics on money & our conditioned beliefs around scarcity 

  • An opportunity to share, activating our throats and finding our truth

  • Guided Purpose Meditation - grounding into the now, getting clarity on what we desire

  • A taster of my upcoming Money Magic Course

You deserve to be paid for doing what you love...

Date & Times
Tuesday 17 August 
7 - 8.30pm CET/SAST
1 - 3.30pm EST
On Zoom 

Free for all Women


Please register below to receive the Zoom Link (and recording)

Please arrive on time for the live Zoom call and be ready to have your cameras on. I encourage you to create sacred space - put your phone away, try find a peaceful place away from distractions. Light a candle. Have a cup of tea with you and a journal to take notes.


Being SEEN is an important aspect to this work.

The Zoom Link will be sent the weekend before our call on the 9th. Add my email address to your contacts to avoid losing the mail in your spam folder.

Below is a little taster of my beautiful emotional rollercoaster ride with money