1:1 Private Coaching

Our greatest responsibility is to commit to the fullness of who we are. My work guides you home to the hidden parts of yourself that are waiting to be reclaimed. Together we will discover and uncover what your dreams are and how you can live a more free and purposeful life. 

Our journey together will be potent and playful.


I will be honest, always.


It is raw and revealing, for I am here to mirror back to you all that you are and desire to become. Together we will embody our power as women, and our sovereignty. 


My work with the Reclaimed Archetypes acts as a guideline for our journey together. Below are some outlines of what you can expect. From there you can choose which archetype or area you would like to focus on. 

*PLEASE NOTE - If the archetypes are not calling you, my work transcends labels, book a call and we will intuit what in your life is needing some support. 



  •  Learning boundaries and breaking out of the confines of being a 'nice girl' or people-pleaser

  • Voice liberation work: learning to speak our truth and the art of saying no

  • Unblocking money shame and embodying the sovereign Queen


  • Cyclical living (hormonal syncing, feminine mysteries)

  • Blood mysteries 

  • Nourishing our bodies the Wise Woman Way 

  • Inviting ritual back into everyday life 

  • Reclaiming our spiritual power (intuition) 


  • How we move & nourish our bodies

  • How we feel in our bodies

  • How we practice self-love

  • Sexual shame & sexual trauma transmutation 

  • Learning to ask for what we want 

  • Relax, release, receive... 


  • Healing the mother and sister wounds 

  • Connecting with a sacred sisterhood - women's circles

  • Triggers are gold - looking at comparison, jealousy and competition amongst women

  • Intimacy amongst women 


"Working with Annette has been transformative. With softness, flow and fire; she is a guide, inspirer, mirror and sister. 

She approached me with both sensitive softness, that allowed me to truly feel through my emotions, as well as powerful tools to grow closer to myself and my dreams. Annette is a wonderful witch. I would recommend her to any sister who is feeling called to invest in their healing and growth!"

- Anna Verhaar, 1:1 Client.


Our journey together requires commitment and an embodied YES.

Ask yourself, what am I looking to transform, to let die, to invite in?

Am I willing to invest in myself and my greatest desires?

Feel into the above archetypes and book a 20-minute discovery call where we shall intuit whether working together is a good fit. 

We shall explore what is on offer as well as build a framework and timeline for our journey together.



  • Weekly calls : 60 - 90 mins 

  • Weekly Embodiment Exercises (Journal Prompts, Meditations, Nourishment Guidelines, Movement Practices, Creative Assignments and so on...) 

  • WhatsApp Check-Ins Included as needed.                                         

After our discovery call, we will work out final rates that will be defined by the work you wish to focus on and the length of time we decide to work together.  

"Thank you Annette for helping me wake from a 13 year long slumber in the gentlest way. I highly recommend Annette's work. I've been in therapy since I was a kid and it's about time we acknowledged the veracity and value in alternative approaches to trauma and mental health. Those that heal at the root. Reconnecting to nature and our inner magic. I learned truths that are impossible to unsee. I continue to tune in because it feels natural and good. I have newfound personal responsibility without judgement."

- Ana, actress, 1:1 Client

More words from whole & happy women 

“Annette is a precious gift! A unique and powerful inspiration as a woman and a teacher. All the words I can share and my feelings around what I've learned and still process will not be enough to describe my experience with her.”


- Agathe, 1:1 client

"It was an absolute honour to be held by Annette. She is well versed with such deep wisdom and shares straight from her heart in a real and vulnerable way that gives permission to all who joins her to do the same. She shows deep love for her work and for guiding women back to themselves through all that she teaches and in the way she facilitates. I would highly recommend anyone to join and experience this for themselves. You will not be disappointed."

- Thalea, Retreat attendee

“I can see phenomenal growth in my life. My days aren't blurring past me, I feel grateful and so present. Thank you, thank you!


- Ana 1:1 Client

"I came with nothing more than a notion of what I wanted to do and what I wanted my business to look like. Annette helped me tremendously and shifted my mindset into a clear vision and ready to get into action.

Thank you forever. 

- Lena Maria, 1:1 Client