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AKA Agent of the Dark Feminine

The Dark Feminine is the aspect of the feminine that encompasses radical transformation, liberation, and the depths of mystery and magic.

The Dark Feminine is not evil or bad, it is an essential part of our womanhood & the piece often missing in women's 'spiritual' spaces.

Feminity through the lens of patriarchy has been dangerously misrepresented and underestimated. The soft and 'lighter' qualities of the feminine can further entrench women's oppression unless they are embodied alongside the fierce, necessary energy of the dark feminine. 

Women cannot rise up and shine their light if they have not journeyed and recovered what is hidden in the dark. 


It is in the dark womb that all life is made

It is in the dark fertile soil that seeds are fed 

It is in the dark that we die and are reborn

Freedom is the reclamation of the shamed and rejected parts of who we are

Through working with my methodology of the four Archetypes, I  have supported women to come home to wholeness.

To remember that what society fears and shames is often where their power lies. 

This work is a reminder that you can break free of the cage of what you think you should be... 


And become who you truly are.


is a woman who is unafraid of her light and her dark

the SLUT


is a woman who is unafraid of her pleasure


is a woman who is unafraid of her power and her sovereignty

the DYKE

is a woman who is unafraid of other women



Archetypal Embodiment is the literal meeting of these contemporary feminine archetypes. It is a practice I use that combines somatic parts work and embodiment as a way to bring these four archetypes to life. When we shame or deny an aspect of ourselves, such as our inner witch or bitch, we create disharmony in our internal system and psyche. This tension between the parts of ourselves is what we call fragmentation and is a cause of both mental and physical dis-ease. By exploring these 4 Archetypes in an embodied way, we create an opportunity to integrate them into a healthy place within us.


The 4 Archetypes I work with hold a lot of power for women and often carry intense resistance or yearning... Without integrating and meeting them in the light, they play out in the shadows. If you are feeling the call to truly meet these aspects of your womanhood and bring them into the empowered and liberated positions they deserve to be, then come and play!

It is through transmuting shame and integrating these parts that we find our wholeness as women once more. 

"All I can truly say is that this was one of the most interesting and deep spiritual experiences I have had so far – and as always, it came when the time was exactly right."


Women ready to awaken their sexual and creative life force
Women ready to move from manipulation to magnetism
Women ready to establish stronger sacred boundaries 
Women moving from damsel in distress to queen 
Women ready to overcome their fear of being a witch 
Women who are done being controlling, resentful good girls
Women ready to alchemize their shame into their freedom
Women who see their triggers as treasures 
Women who embody the Divine Feminine in all her glory and complexity 
Women who are unafraid of other women 
Women who love and work WITH women 


coming soon...


"Dear Annette,

Thank you for being one of the greatest examples of authenticity, vulnerability, strength, and grace that I have in my life.


You have shown me what it looks like to choose yourself every time. For ourselves, for our ancestors, and for those still to come.


Thank you for your bravery, your joy, your patience, your love, and your creativity.


To the new world, we’re building in community!"

- Catherine Archer 

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