Writing has always been a method of healing and uncovering the unconscious material living deep inside my mind. A writer is someone who writes, and whilst I have at times felt nervous about calling myself a writer, I know it in my deepest soul to be true. When I worked as an editorial coordinator & writer for a popular luxury goods magazine, I found my passion for writing start to diminish. I was held back by briefs and censorship, writing by design and agendas, not by artistry. I eventually left the magazine because of a Weinstein article that got squashed and chose my - and a victim's freedom of expression - over further silencing.

I now write for pleasure and cathartic release.

Free-flowing, honest, untamed.

From poetry and articles, to newsletter musings and Instagram blasts. 

Cheeky rumour has it that there is a screenplay and book in the works...

So, from my heart to yours, I share my stories.


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