A workshop to activate your Boss B!tch codes & support you in getting your magic out there!

Hosted in-person by Annette Müller

Dear Soulful Sisters,
This workshop is something I have been excitedly sitting on for some time. When a sister recently told me she was being forced to do something, by her boss, that did not align with her beliefs, I realised the time is NOW. 
The time is NOW for women to become their own bosses. 
For women to turn their creative gifts, their healing powers, their magic into an actual money-making career. 

If you are waking up drained, uninspired by your job, feeling at a loss for how to move into a soul-led business... This is the workshop for you. 
This workshop is going to include all the sexy, spiritual, and strategic lessons I have learned on my journey as a boss b!tch who runs her company from her heart and womb. 
Come as you are, wherever you are in your process. 
Whether it is, "I have no clue what my purpose is..."
to, "I have my brand but need some boosting to get it out there..." to 
"I want to breathe more spirituality into my current career..."
We are all gifted and talented, the world is seeking more feminine leadership, more female-led businesses.
More magic in how we make our money.
This is your opportunity to take that leap and start following your heart's true calling. 

This workshop is a single day, deep dive into all the learnings you will need to start your soul-led business from scratch. I will leave the final part of our time together for Q&A so you can pick my brain and get all that you need to launch your magic into the world. 

DATE : 6th November 2021

TIME : 11am - 4pm 

VENUE : 196 Victoria   


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  • A delicious in-person workshopping with Annette who has created a successful soul-led business from scratch

  • Guided journeying, creative crafting, practical templating, embodiment integrating, and more...

  • An elegant sexy strategy that will leave you feeling confident to go out and start your business

  • Spiritual hacks mixed with boss b!tch business tools

  • Online expertise & social media tips to support you becoming a free nomadic entrepreneur like me!

  • Ethical & integrous teachings on how to make money and feel sexy and easeful while doing it.

  • Shame release exercises to support you breaking through the blocks that are holding you back from living the life you dream.

  • Bonus money block tools and practices from my courses to invite more abundance into all areas of your life and work

  •  Intimate Q&A with me where you can ask me absolutely anything and everything about how I do what I do...



Once your email has been sent I will send you my EFT details or you can pay via Paypal. 

I am offering 2 pay-what-you-can scholarships

If you are not in a financial position to pay, are a single mother or come from a minority group or low-income background, please email me your story, your soul-led business idea and what you can contribute (whether financial or time on the day to help with setup) 

Invite a fellow sister to join and receive R222 off each!


If you have any further questions you can add them in the email above. 

Spots are limited sisters, pay now if you want to secure your seat immediately...



Ac No. ~ 62904570000

Branch Code ~ 201511

Name ~ Miss A Muller 

Please email me your proof of payment and use your name and "workshop" as a reference. 


"Annette is a goddess warrior woman who holds an incredibly powerful space, she gets real, vulnerable & allows you to do the same.
The work goes far deeper than one could have imagined, I am beyond grateful for her insights, in awe of the work she has done to expand her own consciousness & the wisdom that is shared in the course is unprecedented! 

The course itself is gold, worth so much more than just the money you invest! It’s universals power, magic, sacred sisterhood- just power power power! 

And I have this knowledge to look back on & reflect on & work with again again depending on where I am in my life & each time I know that it will sink deeper into my soul & cellular knowledge & for that I do not have enough words to express.

Thank you thank you thank you!"

- Chloe Papademetriou, London

"A really big and special thank you, Annette, for the last four weeks.

All filled with so much Joy and Magic. WOW!!! Thank you for making Money fun again!  Thank you for sharing and Being with so much integrity.

It activated the Bitch codes in me that I needed to just say fuck it, i back myself and I'm doing it my way!"

- Mailaika, South Africa

“It does feel like a beginning. 


Expanding worthiness, joy & co-creating and trust and wise integrity filled action. I loved the final week in the talk that was about amplifying co-creation - this echoes our co-creating with the universe. And in a way echoed the shift - community is the next "guru". I feel that. 


It was nice to hear about the brainstorm walks & the search for solutions - to work the system, & also put voice out there to dare to change the system - shed light on the flaws - I love the audacity & ambition to change things & desire to use technology for good… “

- Leslie, Brooklyn NYC

"Annette created a wonderful and magic space with her course. I never thought I could trust and share my money stories that openly but from the first week I felt this strong sisterhood with connection, support and love for everyone. Even though I'm not finished with working through all exercises Annette shared because the work is extensive, I was able to uncover the key belief for my personal money journey in the very first meditation. I can't recommend this course enough. It's pure magic and fun and the beginning of a beautiful love story with money. Thank you Annette for this amazing offer!" 

- Maike, Germany/SA

"Annette's work is truly powerful, a magical fusion of ancient wisdom and practical tools, which make space for the integration into everyday life. The result for me has been tangible shifts and transformation in my relationship to myself and to my life as a whole."

- Dale Leigh, SA