Sisters of the South is an invitation to reconnect to our bodies, to the land, and to one another.


Bring your wild, bring your weird, we shall dance, play and learn from one another, shedding the layers that separate us, integrating the teachings into our everyday lives.

SOS is a retreat that I co-facilitate with my incredible sisters, Farhana & Tatjana. It was birthed as a response to a need in South Africa to bring more women from different walks of life together for healing and reweaving. We have run two successful retreats with amazing feedback from both. Below is some more information about our SOS retreat. I am also available for co-creation with women (and men) who feel the call to birth in-person retreats together. 



Nestled amongst South Africa’s richest biodiversity and majestic mountains, 2 hours outside of Cape Town, this off-grid experience, away from cell service, will support you in deepening your relationship to your inner worlds.


Imagine a weekend of dancing under the stars, singing around the fire, immersing yourself in the wilds, and connecting deeply with women who too are looking to find their way home.


Accommodation at Bobbejaans Kloof

(shared rooms with fellow sisters)


Delicious & Nourishing Brunch, Snacks and Dinner


Daily Embodiment


Moon Lodge & Women's Work


Herbal Healing & Wild Foraging


Creative Expression & Clay Play


Nature Walks, Fire Keeping & Dam Swims 

Tantric Exploration 


Our Commitment to the sisterhood is providing an inclusive and safe environment for all of our community members.

This includes any and all women regardless of race, ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, economic circumstance, physical appearance, or body size.


All of you is welcome.​


"The most transformative & humbling weekend of embracing the feminine collective, holding space for tears of pain & joy, & releasing energy that no longer serves us. Pure love, unity, depth & connection with woman on a soul level. Annette, Farhana & Tati created the most magical space to share vulnerability & love ourselves in our truest form."

- Julia, 2020 

"If you need some time to connect with yourself and other divine Goddess energies I highly recommend this! "

I will be back."


- Charlize, 2021

"A whimsical weekend of magic, rituals, fabulous food & the most well thought out Women’s workshops.

Thank you for this experience which has opened so many doors for me in my personal & healing realms.


I am happier, I am prouder, I am softer & I am in touch with my womb & cycles like never before.


The continual connection with the sisters has brought new chapters into my life. This is the gift from this healing experience. Showing up for myself has never felt so good.

I will be back."


- Jess P, 2021

"What a liberating experience in the most picturesque place, away from the hustle & bustle, which set the tone for a transformational experience of diving deep into raw connection with fellow sisters.


I felt connected like I’ve never felt before & held by all those who attended.


We made life long friendships. We learned heaps, we embodied & experienced what it feels like to be a be a Queen in a safe container of love. Overall, it was a beautiful, holistic retreat I wish all women to experience! The lessons from this retreat will live with me forever!


- Thalea, 2020 Past Attendee