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Retreat ~ Remember ~ Reweave

Every New Moon we gather online

Every New Moon we remember what it means to be a Woman

A Woman living by the cycles of the Moon and her Womb

The Red Tent or Moon Lodges were ancient practices of women coming together to listen and be heard

A sacred space to retreat from the busyness of life

Today, we remember these ancient feminine rites

We reweave the sacred sisterhood once more

Whichever stage of womanhood you are at, we welcome you

With or without a womb, bleeding or no longer bleeding, we welcome you

The Moon Circle is an online gathering space for you to surrender,

to retreat into your being

to share what is on your heart, 

to plant seeds of what you wish to call in,

to be held accountable to your wildest dreams


We cannot wait to welcome you

Moon Membership Signup

Tier 1: €22 per month 

New Moon Online Circle (once a month)

Post New- Moon Circle Integration Exercise

New Moon Circle Recording (if you missed it) 

Mid-month Accountability Reminder (email)

Subscription Option for South Africans 
(only choose if you are earning in Rands)

Tier 2: coming soon... 

“Taking part in a Moon Circle is such a powerful way to connect to ourselves and to our fellow sisters, at the deepest experiential level. Annette holds the space with such grounding and sensitive skill, allowing us to thread sisterhood in the most vulnerable, yet safe ways.”

- Ella Iris, Moon Sister


T's & C's

> Your membership will recur monthly until you cancel it.

> Once you have subscribed you will receive a confirmation email with dates, times, your zoom link, and preparation. 

> If you cannot make the live call (which is of course highly recommended)

you will receive a zoom recording. 

> I will send reminder emails the day before we gather :)

> If the above rates are not accessible, please email me your desire to join the circle and we will make a way forward. 

> If, for some reason, I choose to close this moon membership you will be given a month's notice


Thursday, 28 July 

7 - 830pm SAST 

Sunday, 28 August

7 - 830pm SAST

Monday, 26 September

7 - 830pm SAST 

Tuesday, 25 October

7-830pm SAST

Thursday, 24 November

7-830pm SAST 

Friday, 23 December

7 - 830pm SAST

MYSELF'19_SHOT14_0039 1.jpg



Create Sacred Space in your home (You will receive a "home altar" PDF when you signup for my newsletter that will guide you) 

Wear something red or have something red with you (crystal, flower, lipstick, ring...)

Please come present for the call, put away distractions, no phones or interruptions, this is a sacred portal. 

Bring a journal & pen for integration  

Please be on time, I will stop letting people into the room 5 minutes after our start time. 

I encourage you to have your video on, this is an opportunity to practice vulnerability and authentic connecting


Time: 7 - 830pm SAST (South Africa Time)

Date: Every New Moon ​(see dates above)

Where: Online on Zoom. The link will be sent to you once you have sent your proof of Paypal payment. 


“Annette emanates a glorious power of grounded grace & realness in her Moon Circles. This directly translates into the space, making it feel safe, earthy & intuitive. The experience activated a deep sense of presence & wonder in me, & inspired me further into my appreciation for women’s gatherings. Such gratitude for this sacred & holy ritual.”

- Ella Grieg, South Africa

"My Moon Circle experience led by Annette set me free from the pain attached to my past traumas. She taught us vulnerability, release & letting go of shame. I learned to honour my journey as sacred & be there for my sisters. The experience harmonized my cycle. I now honour my bleed time, my cycle & my voice."

- Jess Putsman, London 

"Moon Circles always feel like a safe space to arrive exactly as you are and be held. There's something very exciting about seeing all these women's faces on your screen and knowing you are being received and witnessed with such love. The space helps me shift any heaviness and leaves me free and back in my body almost immediately. Thank you for sharing this wisdom with us."

- Tayla Hannah, Durban 

Wow.. how my life has changed after I joined Annette’s New Moon Lodge.. being in this woman’s circle has shown me how to be vulnerable and know I’m not the only one who is experiencing these feelings. I’ve learned how to step into my truest form, even though it is not an easy process, I see myself growing each lunar cycle. I’ve watched my seeds grow into beautiful strong plants bearing sweet fragrant flowers. I’ve let go of the pain I’ve been holding on so tightly for years. I’ve had complete burnout which crept up on me over a few months, changing to feeling energized and focused from one and a half hours of moon lodge with my sisters. 

- Debbie Diesel, Cape Town 


And to receive your "home altar" pdf 

Your gift is on its way!

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