Hello, I'm Annette

I am a complex weaving of so many things. My life's journey honours the spiral of life. All that I have experienced, all that I have studied, has empowered me to guide women to their wholeness and holiness. 


My offerings invite you back home to your body, so you too can awaken the wisdom of your intuition (inner tuition) and become the healer you seek.


My reclamation of the shamed archetypes came with burning. I learned to trust the call and not look away. Surrendering to the many deaths, I gave way for my rebirth, again and again.


This is the way of the Wise Woman, a tradition that invites us to journey into deeper layers of self and to see our wounds as our portals to freedom. I am devoted to this path, embodying all that I am, and inviting you to do the same.


Experience & Teachings:

  • I was initiated as a Green Witch in the Wise Woman Way, by one of my teachers, Susun Weed. I learned to connect with the weeds as healing allies.

  • Modelling from 15 & working as a door host at exclusive nightclubs in London activated the bitch in me and taught me how to be wise on the streets.

  • I did the business thing and got my First from King's College London

  • I then set out on a solo spiritual mission around the world, completing my YTT and Reiki Levels, as well as connecting deeply with sacred plant medicines.

  • I am currently enrolled in a shamanic apprenticeship along the Red Road. An eternal student, I am always learning, always dying, always being reborn.


I am a shapeshifter, I weave the underbelly with the elite, the spirit with the superficial. I believe we are a beautiful dance of dark and light. Embodied wisdom is to live a life of contradictory realities simultaneously.

This is my life. This is who I am.

Featured Offerings


I guide you home to the wisdom of your body so you can release your blocks and own your juiciest desires


Locate & clear the blocks that stand in the way of you and the abundance you deserve



Connect to a sacred online sisterhood where we invite ritual back into our daily lives


Nourish your body with wild weeds that serve as a foundation for all round health and healing




By living in harmony with our bodies, our hormones & our inner seasons, we can begin the journey of activating our feminine power. 

Locate & clear the blocks that stand in the way of you and the abundance you deserve



I am currently co-facilitating a women's retreat in Cape Town. Retreats are an opportunity to dive deep into the work I offer and integrate it into our bodies.

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