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 An archetypal embodiment journey to meet your inner witch


These workshops of meeting the four Archetypes come to me when the collective energy calls for these aspects of our womanhood to be awakened and embodied within us.

I believe all women are witches or carry an aspect of the witch within them.

The witch is a woman who is unafraid of her light and her darkness.
She is the part of all women that knows things. 

And trusts that knowing.
The witch is deeply intuitive and deeply connected.
She speaks to her womb, the plants, animals, and people from an instinctive place.

This class is an opportunity to gather witches from around the world who are ready to consciously connect to their power so they can do the incredible healing work that is needed on this planet. 


The world is only now catching up to the brutal atrocities of the witch trials. These witch hunts took place, and still do take place, all over the world. It is important to know this untold part of history (herstory) because it puts into context why so many women feel terrified to own and share their gifts ~ to stand FULLY in their power. The witch wound is the reason why so many women fear other women who shine bright or who rebel against the status quo. In this class, we will go on a theoretical journey of learning just what happened to the original witches and how that trauma still lives on in our bodies, psyches, and systems today...
It is vital for women to un
derstand the witch trauma because it is a part of our history that holds many of us women back from fully showing up in the world. When we alchemize the shame and fear that was orchestrated by this war on the witches, we can collectively rise as rooted and empowered women once more. 

What does the word witch bring up for you?

Words carry power and memory. Notice what the word witch brings up in your body?
Let your intuition tell you if this is a space your inner witch is yearning to be a p
art of. 
The intention of these workshops is to call bac
k our coven, the sacred place where witches gather in safety and protection. Where we can ignite one another to share our healing magic once more.


I am calling in brave women who are ready to ignite their healing powers.
Women who know that the world needs repai
ring and that they have a role to play. 
Women who want to deepen their connection to nature and their own spiritual nature.
Women who are ready to heal any shame or fear around the word witch.
Women who want to trust their intuition and the messages they receive from the Divine. 
Women looking to heal the sister wound and trust women once more.
Women who are rea
dy to be feral, wild, and wise!

Are you ready?



  • A DEEP dive 2-hour Live Recorded Zoom Call

  • A safe and sacred space to connect with yourself and some other witches from around the world  

  • A full hour of untold theory on the witch hunts and how those trials still play out in our societal systems today

  • A somatic embodiment exercise of actually meeting this aspect of your womanhood and asking her what she needs

  • An opening and closing ceremony to return simple ceremonies back into our everyday lives

  • A detailed PDF to take home after our evening together to integrate the magic of our class and return to this work whenever you need.

  • A sacred bonus meditation to activate your intuition and remember what was shared with you in the workshop.


When you make payment, you will be charged in SA rands (€40 = R800). Choose the "YOCO" payment portal to pay with card. 

LOCAL SOUTH AFRICANS please email me here for the reduced SA Rand rate and EFT details.

Pay via Paypal

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Your payment will secure your spot. This payment is your DEVOTION to showing up for yourself and your inner witch. 

(When we exchange value for something, we respect & receive it far deeper). 

Once paid, you will receive a Zoom link and a preparation email from me.


Please arrive on time for the live Zoom call, the circle will open 5 minutes past 7 pm, and then the Zoom room is closed. 

Add my email address to your contacts to avoid losing my mail in your spam folder. Or just email me directly if you have any issues.​


I do believe in magic, I do, I do
If I had to tell you all the crazy beautiful things I have experienced you may never believe me. How I got to this place of knowing, of connection, of being so solidly in myself, my gifts, my service. The truth is it did not always look like this... At 21 I remember being so lost and so out of it. I had no clue what spirit was. I was at the bottom of the hole and so I let myself go into the void. I surrendered and actually asked for help. I had no clue what I was doing but I had run out of options. They call it the dark knight of the soul, it was certainly dark, but what came was the brightest light. The realization that this is what life was actually about. Death and rebirth, change, connection to something greater than myself...My work has now become about supporting women through this process. We do not need to do it all alone and my mission is to create spaces where we can do the work of traveling into the depths, together. Know that you are not alone and that it is my honour to be here with you. 



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