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A 13-Chapter Course on the Energetics of Abundance & Cracking through Scarcity

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This course is the basics, the foundation, the backbone of the Bitch...


Her bank account

Yup, your relationship to money. 

Which is really your relationship to receiving and the source of your sovereignty.

When we are not embodied in our Bitch and comfortable with our boundaries,


Money becomes our boss, and we become a slave to it.

Running from paycheck to paycheck, on the hamster wheel, anxiety-ridden, in a constant battle with money. 

This course is about putting the Bitch back in charge.

Money is a current of currency, it is an energy that wants to flow


but it needs YOU to create the necessary systems and belief structures for it to move in.

If your systems are poor and you are not tracking your spending, earnings, and investments,


you are not in the driving seat and are likely losing money.

If your beliefs are still rooted in your childhood conditioning of not having enough or shame for wanting more,

you are blocked in your ability to receive and grow. 

Money magnifies who you are

Money is neutral

It does not care that you think it is "evil" or "dirty" or only "for those people."

When you shift your beliefs around money, you allow money to become a tool for your own expansion.

The truest expression of what wealth is, starts from within you.

It is a mindset

An inside job

A journey from victim to victor. 

We all have different starting points, different privileges or experiences growing up around money,


AND every single one of us can break free of those conditions


because abundance is everyone's birthright

Once you truly get this, you will realize that YOU are the only one responsible for your money story,  your ability to expand,


Money is the current of currency to support you along the way. 

YOU decide whether to open up to or block the flow.  

In this course, we start with the basics: our beliefs and triggers around money and how to transform those triggers into gold.


Literally moving from a state of frozen anxiety and resentment into inspiration and deep expansion. 


We will also awaken the Bad Bitch Boundaries so you can stop wasting your time on areas of your life that are not supporting your fullest expression and your deeper heart's desires.


A note from your facilitator,
I want you to know that my journey with coming into a happy place with money has been stiiiicky. I used to assosciate money with my parents fighting, divorce, shame, white guilt, the greatest evils in the world and being a diva. I was ashamed of money and even went as far as to reject it and become a barefoot hippy bum (living off someone else's money) because the truth is there is no hiding from money. Someone is paying the bill at the end of the day and when I stepped into this work of women's empowerment, I realized a BIG shadow was women's relationship to wealth. Women's reliance on others for their "financial security" and our deeply held fears and shame around receiving and OWNING that yes, we DO want and need money to live our best lives. This course is a yummy culmination of all the money courses I've done,  all the wealth boot camps and masterminds all compiled into embodied learnings that got me to this place of running two successful businesses and having a happy and healthy relationship with money and my bank account.


  • 13 Money Codes in the form of Video Transmissions 

  • A 75-page Money Mastery E-book to follow along with the videos 

  • 13 Integration & Embodiment Exercises

  • 3 Guided Meditations

  • 1 Hypnotic Soundscape (to uncover subconscious blocks around money)

  • Weekly Journal Prompts

  • Daily Money Mantras

  • Embodiment Practices (EFT)

  • Financial Tracking Excel Templates (your sexy structures!!) 


Once the unconscious becomes conscious we are no longer ruled by "fate" and can become the co-creators of our destiny...


Nature, in Her purest essence, is abundant (read my blog post here)

You are nature, and therefore YOU too are abundant. 

All the shame and fear and scarcity you hold around money (and your true nature) have been conditioned into your subconscious for generations to keep you playing small and by the rules of a sick and dying system. 

That time is over.
The old hussle-hard, oppressive, extractive approach to making money is dying out. 

Women are reclaiming money on THEIR terms. 
We see beautiful businesses being birthed around the world that sustain women AND create ripples of magic across the world. 

Where feelings of deep fulfillment in the work we do overrides the need for more and more.

There is no reason you should not be part of this feminine financial revolution.

There is no reason why you should not have access to this flow of abundance. 

It starts with the basics Bitch, 

How do YOU relate to money?

And are you ready to say yes to a new way?

A sexy, sustainable, fun, and pleasurable way?

Then you are exactly where you need to be.


  • A journey of uncovering your limiting beliefs around money  

  • An opportunity to rewrite your money story into one that opens you up energetically to more opportunity and abundance  

  • A step-by-step guide on getting into alignment with your dreams (where your thoughts, words, and actions all support your greater vision) 

  • Moving from being triggered/jealous of wealth into being inspired by your chosen expanders 

  • Sexy excel structures to support you in creating the containers for your wealth to grow and flow 

  • Feminine marketing and a new approach to selling


  • A quick fix and ticket to cold cash 

  • Just another manifestation workshop - this course includes embodied, experiential learning 

  • An easy love and light approach to money (we include the shadow and the subconscious conditioning which will trigger your emotions)

  • A once-off solution. This course is something I return to at each new level of my expansion. These are life-long teachings that you can apply throughout your life. 

  • A passive course. This course requires active ACTION from your end, following the task list, and following through on your action steps to reach your goals. 

Once the unconscious becomes conscious we are no longer ruled by "fate" and can become the co-creators of our destiny...

This course is for you if you are ready to embody your self-worth, by integrating your shadows, and coming into alignment with that which you are calling in...


This course is for you if...

  • You are ready to feel joy and peace around money and your bank account 

  • You want to align yourself with feminine approaches to money that are based in trust and flow 

  • You are done playing small and playing nice and want to activate your Boss Bitch codes

  • You need the structures and boundaries to support you in creating a life that is in alignment with your deeper heart's desires 

  • You are ready to move from just enough to more than enough 

  • You are done feeling triggered or like an outsider to the world of wealth and are ready to meet expanders and become inspired by your fellow Boss Bitch sisters



WAS €1500




When I first launched this 13-chapter course, I sold it for €555, this is what this course is worth and more! I am VERY interested at this point in my work to get this baby to as many Boss Bitches as I can. The course is built and ready for you to expand through. It is self-paced and an incredible gift that you will turn to consistently in your journey. This payment part is simply YOUR commitment and energetic exchange. For things to change in your life, you gotta WANT them to change. I trust you will follow your intuition and make the call if this special offer speaks to you. I am here for you breaking out of the illusion of scarcity and tapping into the wealth you deserve. 


"The work goes far deeper than one could have ever imagined. I am beyond grateful for the insights, in awe of the work Annette has done to expand her consciousness & the wisdom shared in the course is unprecedented! 

The course itself is gold, worth so much more than just the money you invest!

It’s universal power and magic!  I have this knowledge to look back on & work with again and again, depending on where I am in my life & each time it will sink deeper into my soul & cellular knowledge & for that I do not have enough words to express my gratitude..."

- Chloe Papademetriou, London

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