Monthly New Moon Lodge


A Moon Lodge is a monthly gathering of women. A time to tune into our inner worlds. It is an ancient practice of women coming together to listen and be heard.​ In this space, we connect to our bodies and the wisdom of our wombs. 


Every New Moon we meet in a virtual circle as a new cycle begins. During our time together, we plant seeds of intention for what we wish to call forth in the coming month. It is an opportunity to take stock of our lives and ensure we are holding ourselves accountable for our dreams. 


This is a space for you to just be. Come exactly as you are.

All is welcome in the Lodge. 

We will learn to open our throats and speak our naked truth; Connect to the Goddess within and remember that we can heal ourselves and one another. When we hold space in this way, we overcome insecurities and deeply held traumas of separation. We reweave the sisterhood and learn to trust and support each other again. 

Moon Lodges are my devotion to the Divine and a beautiful way to experience ritual and simple ceremony. 

This space is available for ALL women at all New Moon times.  ​


Create Sacred Space in your home (altar, elements, candle etc... Ask for a pdf guide if you need support) 
Wear something or have something red on you
Come as you are, put away your phone and other distractions 

Journal & pen


Time: 7 - 830pm SAST 

Date: Every New Moon ​

Where: Zoom Link will be sent to you closer to the date


$15 suggested donation / FREE 





FNB Account (South Africa)
Acc. No : 62578252753
Name: Annette Muller 
Branch: 204709 Swift: FIRNZAJJ ​


If you are signed up to my newsletter, you will receive the Zoom link each month.


If you wish to donate, please email me below with your proof of payment and I will send you the Zoom Link in advance.

Looking forward to welcoming you sisters,

​Blessings Be. ​


Saturday 10 July, 7pm SAST 

Sunday 8 August, 7pm SAST 

Tuesday 7 September, 7pm SAST 

“Taking part in a Moon Lodge is such a powerful way to connect to ourselves and to our fellow sisters, at the deepest experiential level. Annette holds the space with such grounding and sensitive skill, allowing us to thread sisterhood in the most vulnerable yet safe ways.”


- Ella Iris