How you show up as a woman is your Goddess-given right.  For centuries women have been held back from expressing themselves freely. Being shamed when we do not stay within the narrow confines of what we “should” look like, talk like, dress like, be like and so forth. 

This shame is not our own, it is a collective shame that oppresses the parts of ourselves that are feared most. When we shed the old, outdated patterns of shrinking or people pleasing, we discover a world of possibility. Because on the other side of our greatest fears, lies our freedom. 


Time to awaken what haunts us in the dark of the night, what lies under the surface of our day-to-day chores. The parts of ourselves that have been calling, maybe screaming, to be felt, to be heard, to be expressed. When we block this torrent, we become ill, numb, dull and desire-less. 

My exploration of the reclaimed archetypes was a conscious decision to transmute shame into freedom and my pain into pleasure. 

Within every women lies a wild witch who is calling for her voice to be heard, her pleasure to be felt and her sisters to be found.  

You are that sensitive, you are that loving, you are that crazy and your yearning is welcome here. 

In reclaiming and proclaiming the parts of you that have been shamed, you step into the fullness of your being. Giving yourself permission to be a liberated whole and holy woman!
It is my honour to support you in this homecoming. 




Ever kept quiet when you had something to say?
Ever been silenced for saying it?

The “nice” girl was attached to woman as a redeeming trait which almost all of us attempted to hold onto. Our niceness ensured we were liked and in being liked we had somewhat of a position, a place in a patriarchal world. 

This good girl or people-pleaser conditioning has caused many women to put others before themselves, leading to a loss in who we are. We fear expressing ourselves, taking up space, or being rejected for putting up boundaries. The bitch is the woman who knows her freedom lies in her ability to say no.


The Bitch Archetype explores the following:

  • Boundaries Bitch : saying no is self-love, advocating for ourselves 

  • Boss Bitch : Valuing ourselves, becoming financially independent 

  • Voice Activation : Finding our voice, speaking our truth 

  • You do You Boo : Be who you are, goodbye people pleaser 


Remember being a young girl and making flower soups? Speaking to the fairies and believing in magic? The feminine is steeped in ancient mystery. Women are a portal to spiritual wisdom and our power has been feared for centuries. It is this fear that led to the burning of the witches, the healers, the seers, and which caused immense shame around being a wild and spiritually connected woman. 

A witch is a woman in her power

Initiated as a green witch in the Wise Woman tradition, I follow the path of the self-healer that connects to nature as her guide and trusts her body to heal itself. 


In the Witch archetype we explore: 

  • Life/Death/Rebirth : where change is calling 

  • Returning to ritual : bringing prayer and the sacred back into everyday life 

  • Plants as healing allies: nourishment over punishment, connecting to our intuition 

  • The Wise Woman Way : Women-centred spirituality 


A women’s sexual energy is her source of creation and power. Her womb and yoni are a cosmic portal. We can create life and sustain life, our sex is a force so powerful, so infinite… and so feared. This is why man has tried everything in his power to control it. Bounding our sexuality between two systemically related pressures - we are judged for being too promiscuous and shamed for being too prudish. 


A culture that objectifies the female body creates a hostile and violent environment for women.


We are constantly bombarded with images of what we “should” look like. We go to war with our bodies, trying to carve and shape ourselves into these moulds for others desires. Sexual trauma, eating disorders, body shame, low libido etc… are all symptoms of a culture that shames women's bodies. The result is disembodiment. 


Disembodiment is the experience of living disconnected from our senses and entirely in our heads. The slut is about embodiment. Nourishing, loving and moving the body. For when we are in our body, we are aware of our senses and thus our desires. We can receive pleasure and ask for what we want. 


Within the Slut Archetype we will explore:

  • How do you move?

  • How do you nourish your body?

  • How do you prioritise pleasure?

  • Relax ~ Release ~ Receive 

  • Connecting and locating your deepest desires 


Centuries of oppression and a resulting conditioning of scarcity, bred an environment of comparison and competition amongst women. We were made to believe we must fight each other for the job, the man, the house etc…That there was not enough for all of us. This lie is detrimental to our liberation. When we judge another woman, we judge ourselves. Our freedom lies in our realisation that every successful woman is a pathfinder to our own dreams. 

Women know women

Empowered women, empower women 

Women are women’s greatest champions


When we look to successful women as expanders, as inspiration, we allow ourselves to see the path forward. We are all unique and talented. In this work we move from scarcity and fear to abundance and love. This is women's work. The collective raising and honouring of one another.   

Within the Dyke Archetype we will explore:

  • Moon Lodge - sister circles, vulnerable & authentic sharing

  • Triggers & judgements - healing the wounded feminine 

  • Expanders & mentors - creating a network of women who support one another 

  • Retreats, workshops, gatherings etc…

"I have a profound respect for the way Annette can speak her opinion but also hold an immense space (and shared respect) for everyone’s own opinion. This is fine delicate work that is rare to find!"


- Moon Lodge Facilittaor Course Attendee.