Money Course
Guided by Annette Müller

Shadow on the Wall

 Are you ready to reclaim your financial sovereignty?
Are you tired of feeling shame around money and your desire to shine?
This course is a DEEP dive that will uncover your limiting belief systems and
the shadows that are holding you back from the life you desire and deserve. 
In my years of coaching women, I have come to learn that shame breeds scarcity. 
This course is a powerful 13 chapter journey that integrates your shadow
and invites you to return to wholeness and holiness.
From here you become the magnetic manifesting Goddess you were born to be. 

Calling all Queens,


  • 13 videos 

  • 13 chapter e-book on money mastery

  • 13 integration exercises

  • 3 guided meditations

  • 1 hypnotic soundscape for uncovering subconscious blocks 

  • Journal prompts

  • Mantras

  • Embodiment practices (EFT)

  • Financial template & Graphs


It is time to get honest with yourself, 
I have seen too many women deny themselves their desires
Play this pretend game of thinking small is spiritual. 
Women who have SO much talent, and magic, and healing to bring to the world,
but a deep fear and shame around money continues to hold them back.

Enough is enough.
Money is a flow of energy
A current of currency
It comes to those who are OPEN to receiving.
How open you are depends on your subconscious beliefs around money
(formed by the context of your childhood and culture).
We all carry trauma and shame around money,
It is time to transmute that shame into shine.
Are you you ready? 


Once the unconscious becomes conscious we are no longer ruled by "fate" and can become the co-creators of our destiny...

This course is for you if you are ready to embody your self-worth, by integrating your shadows, and coming into alignment with that which you are calling in...


  • Women who know they have magic to bring to the world

  • Women who are ready to face their money blocks 

  • Women who want to be aligned with spiritual money that is sacred, sexy, and truly abundant 

  • Women who want to feel supported and empowered by their fellow successful sisters 

  • Women who are tired of playing nice and ready to awaken the Boss Bitch who knows her boundaries 

  • Women who need support figuring out what they actually want beyond what they are expected to want

  • And every women who has ever felt ashamed for wanting to SHINE bright like the diamond that she was born to be. 


 Chapter 1: Breaking the Illusion of Scarcity

Chapter 2: Locating Childhood Belief Systems

Chapter 3: Rewriting the Story

Chapter 4: Permission to Dream

Chapter 5: Alignment & Integrity

Chapter 6: Triggers are Gold

Chapter 7: Expanders for Expansion

Chapter 8: Getting Real with My BS

Chapter 9: Looking at the Numbers

Chapter 10: Boundaries Bitch

Chapter 11: Sacred Marketing

Chapter 12: Remaining Neutral

Chapter 13: Gratitude in the Grit

+Bonus EFT exercises & Practical tools for embodiment




"The work goes far deeper than one could have imagine. I am beyond grateful for the insights, in awe of the work Annette has done to expand her consciousness & the wisdom shared in the course is unprecedented! 

The course itself is gold, worth so much more than just the money you invest!

It’s universal power and magic! 

I have this knowledge to look back on & work with again depending on where I am in my life & each time it will sink deeper into my soul & cellular knowledge & for that I do not have enough words to express..."

- Chloe Papademetriou, London