A weaver is a connector who weaves for the sacred tapestry. (A)n(net)te plaits people & places together. 

I have always been called a "connector." My network is vast and my life/work experience varied. I studied business and played with being a lawyer, working for Richemont in luxury goods, whilst spending evenings as a door b*tch in London's top nightclubs. I enjoyed weaving the underbelly with the elite, the activism with making money. In the mornings I worked at sober hippy raves, and in the evenings managed drunk celebrities and CEO's at exclusive parties. I was judged and burned for being a "hypocrite," but knew it was my training for embodying wisdom ~ living two conflicting realities at the same time. When I began exploring indigenous wisdom and women-centred spirituality, I realised I am a weaver, the feminine connector. I bring people together for the greater tapestry, threading through barriers and perceptions, weaving the ancient with the modern currents of today.


I am passionate about uncovering my naked voice, through sharing my story and empowering others to do the same. I have spoken at large festivals, including Spirit Fest in South Africa as well as at the Tounche' Global Consciousness Summit. My talks are coloured with themes such as the Wise Woman Way, Herbal Healing & Embodiment as well as Reclaiming the Repressed Archetypes of the Feminine AKA Awakening the Bitch, Witch, Slut & Dyke. ​My intention is to ignite one another's potential by activating our voices & sharing our unique truths.  

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