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 5 Weeks of Diving DEEP

Welcome Women, 

I am finally ready to open up a delicious container for the sisterhood. 
Wednesday Wisdom was inspired by a realization that my magic is my wisdom and my wisdom is my lived experience. My LIVED experience of LIVING a fabulous freaking life. 
It did not always look and feel this way and so for 5 weeks in May, I will share my insider tips and tricks as well as some archetypal stories, somatic practices, and subconscious stirrings that will ignite YOUR desires so that you too can CLAIM your one precious life and begin LIVING it.

In absolute authenticity, which is the only way I know how to show up, I have been bored as F by the coaching and "wellness" industry. Bored as F by my own work. And bored as F by my own silly self. Yup, I ended up taking an accidental sabbatical these past few months which started the unraveling. The questioning of everything. The melting of so many versions of me. The stripping of identities so that I could be led back to my heart. Back to MY unique magic. Less about "keeping up" and comparing and more about finding out what is TRUE inside of me ~ and how to serve that medicine. We are living in such strange and stupendous times. Everything seems to be crumbling and there is a hell of a lot of noise out there. Who to trust. What to say. How to show up. 

Wednesday Wisdom is a midweek Tune IN and Tune Up

My gift is that of guiding women home to their bodies. Home to THEIR innate wisdom that lives in their hearts, and wombs. Lives in every single cell of their beautiful bodies. Each session will include a body check-in as well as an opportunity at the end to ask ALL your juiciest questions. My intention for this space is FLUID FEMININE MAGIC. An experiment in holding my palm open with absolute trust in the DIVINE. 

Will you join me on this delicious adventure?

This space can only come alive when YOU show up.
I am calling in sisters who want to melt with me. Who are ready to SHARE their wisdom too. Who are ready to go deep and strip off the shame and fear and judgement that keeps them hiding their LIGHT and brilliance. 

Yes, we will make space for shaking off the shit that is holding us back from being FULLY alive! There will be roaring, there will be laughter, there will be tears. There will also be times of silence. Times of contemplation. Times of lingering on a little longer and slowly, slowly allowing HER to unfurl... 

This is the magic of women coming together, this is the magic of the circle, the magic of sisterhood, it is my honour to open this invitation to you...

All of you is welcome.

(PS for the mammas and those who are working during the Wednesday time slots, COME AS YOU ARE, this space is sacred but not strict. Your messy reality is welcome. We will simply ask you to mute your mic if you are driving or cooking meals or breastfeeding etc... this space welcomes all of it and ALL of you (there will also be recordings)..


What to expect...

  • WEEKLY 2-HOUR LIVE ZOOM CALLS EVERY WEDNESDAY for the month of MAY (with recordings) 

  • ARCHETYPAL PARTS WORK (slut, witch, bitch, Goddess, Hecate, Isis, Mary & whoever else comes to join us)


  •  BODY, BODY, BODY (herbalism, Germanic New Medicine, face massage, nutrition, nourishment, beauty)

  • BREATH, NERVOUS SYSTEM RESILIENCE (tips from freediving, breathing, deepening, relaxing & some pleasure practices)  

  • EXPRESSION (dance, vocal activation, sharing circle)

  • HOT SEAT & ACCOUNTABILITY (live coaching, breakout rooms, optional telegram group) 

  • EXTRA RESOURCES (guided meditations, journal prompts & optional 1:1 sessions) 


Every Wednesday Evening in May
7 - 9pm SAST / CET
1-3pm EST



​WEEK 1 : 01/05

  • Who are you? What is alive? (Meet Eachother)


​WEEK 2 : 08/05 

  • Where am I hiding? What is my magic? (Meet the Witch)


​WEEK 3 : 15/05

  • What do I need? What is a no? (Meet the Bitch) 


WEEK 4 : 22/05

  • Heart desires? Pussy yearnings? (Meet the Slut) 

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WEEK 5 : 29/05

  • Devotions. Rituals. Remembrance (Meet Me)  

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May the month of May be about ME

All payments are final. No refunds. SOUTH AFRICANS - please email me if you require a local discount. 


This payment is your DEVOTION to showing up for yourself. What you get out is what put IN. 

If you are wanting a self-paced personal wisdom journey, the recordings will be a dream come true. If you are seeking live coaching and group sharing, being present at the Wednesday live calls should be made a priority. 

Upon payment, you will receive all the juicy information you need to start this experimental adventure together.


A note from your guide

Hey sister it's me, Annette. Serving up another round of juicy wisdom for those women who are ready to hear, feel, and embody it. I consider myself an experimental activator and a role model. A witch in service to holding space for the LIBERATION of women and therefore humanity. My path is a spiral of many years of my own unraveling. I am still spiraling, still unraveling. 2023 was a brutal one, it shook the earth under my feet and left me deeply humbled, melting everything I was attached to. This is what it means to be a woman. To be a seer on the path. A seeker and a weaver. To be present and okay with the many deaths that come knocking. The infinite rebirths. The feminine in her true essence. We are here to GRIEVE we are here to PLAY, we are here to FEEL. This month of May is about experiment and trust. I am still in the MUSH. In my own melting. Rather than show up knowing it all, I will show up as I am. And I invite you to do the same. Together we will become mirrors of one another. Mirrors of what is possible. I know my gift is that of a space-holder. Storyteller. Igniter.  My intention is to share from my heart and to bear witness to you and your story. Your pains and your melting as well as your brightest and most brilliant light. This space can hold it. We are here for the real and RAW essence of what it means to be a woman and what it means to be a woman in this current reality. With all that is unraveling before us. With all the mess and the horrors. What would it feel like if we softened into this next phase of liberation? What if our pleasure and our beauty were a pathway? What if quiet contemplation in circle was enough to shift the tides? Is such a dream possible? This is what we will ask ourselves. This is the experiment. How do we truly, truly learn to be the most authentic versions of ourselves? The women who do not need saving. The women who do not save their sisters. The women who are honest in their simplest expression. In their being. In their doing of what lights them up.  In their prayers. In their sweat, and their blood, and their tears. Let us walk together. Let us walk each other home. This is the intention of this space. 
I welcome you with big wide open arms.


"Thank you so much for this class today. It was truly fucking amazing being in your space and I know it won't be the last." 


"I highly recommend Annette's work. I've been in therapy since I was a kid and it's about time we acknowledged the veracity and value in alternative approaches to trauma and mental health. Those that heal at the root. Reconnecting to nature and our inner magic. I learned truths that are impossible to unsee."

"Today was so powerful and, I feel, key to where I am going. I've needed to meet this powerful woman inside of me with my whole heart for so long."

"Annette's work is powerful, a magical fusion of ancient wisdom & practical tools, which make space for the integration into everyday life. The result for me has been tangible transformations in my relationship to myself & to my life as a whole."

“Thank you Annette for helping me wake from a 13 year long slumber in the gentlest way possible.” 

"I have benefited so much from working with you. I experience you as someone congruent in our interactions, I trust you are real and authentic. You integrate what you teach me in your own life which is motivating and provides a great example for me."

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