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Wild Nettle

is a dream I am seeding and weaving...
This is the physical manifestation of my Green Witch explorations. 
My product line of deliciousness from all that I have learned. Think natural remedies, ritual packs, wild weeds and so much more!
For now, I am selling wild herbs that I know intimately and have worked with for a few years. I am an eternal student of the plant allies. As I get to know a new ally, I will add her. Below is a list of what is currently available for your nourishment!

Herbs for infusions

​Most of the herbs listed below are for infusion purposes. Not teas! Infusions are herbs brewed overnight for a minimum of 4 hours to ensure maximum medicinal value. They are safe, nutritive herbs (not stimulants or sedatives) and are incorporated into our daily diets for an added, absorbable boost of vitamins, minerals, proteins & antioxidants. To find out why I am so devoted to infusions, watch the Youtube video above.

FOUNDATIONAL FOUR (Wild Harvested Weeds)

OAT STRAW (Avena sativaR120 for 150g
Malty, sweet GOLDEN milk for supreme nervous system support. An Ayurvedic herb of longevity, she is the ultimate stress reliever. A heart health ally rich with minerals (especially calcium) for bone-strengthening (osteoporosis), depression & muscle spasms. Delicious, nutritious and boosts your libido!

NETTLE (Urtica DioicaR120 for 150g
The most nutritious plant ally, packed with vitamins, minerals & proteins. Highly energising, repairs adrenals (eases you out of caffeine addiction), bone-building, anti-cancerous, restores mood, firms skin, strengthens hair, fingernails & lungs. Helps entire bodily systems to function optimally. The original superfood!

RED CLOVER BLOSSOMS (Trifolium pratenseR120 for 150g
Our foundational anti-cancer herb, she is fertility-enhancing, hormone balancing and a great ally during menopause. Lavish amounts of vitamins & minerals, she benefits all bodily systems (digestive, reproductive, lymphatic). As an alterative, she improves chronic conditions and offers phytosterols (anti-stress) to support assimilation and elimination by filtering toxins from the body. A must have. 

LIME BLOSSOMS/LINDEN (Tilia cordataR120 for 150g
A slippery mucilaginous gel oozes that soothes tissues & mucus membranes. She is a supreme anti-inflammatory that everyone should get to know. Gentle & safe, she helps with skin irritations like eczema and allergies, a remedy for colds & flu as well as all other respiratory issues. Her cooling effect relieves bladder issues and relaxes the nervous system, whilst also nourishing the heart. The final favourite of the foundational four. 

HIBISCUS (Hibiscus sabdariffaR120 for 100g
Rich red heart health remedy (lowers blood pressure & cholesterol), packed with vitamins & minerals. She is a supreme immune booster packed with anti-cancer selenium & chromium, flavonoids & anti-oxidants. She heals digestive & respiratory membranes, relieves tummy upsets, and cools the body. Also a natural diuretic, helpful for bloating or water retention.

BUCHU (Agathosma betulinaR120 for 100g
Our local, traditional kidney & urinary tract ally, Buchu is the original anti-septic, anti-inflammatory & diuretic. She helps with fever, high blood pressure, IBS or upset tummies. A lovely after-dinner digestive tea or enjoy as a strong infusion diluted with water and enjoyed in moderation. (Best to avoid during pregnancy). Use around 2 tablespoons per 1 litre jar. 

MULLEIN (Verbascum ThapsusR150 for 150g 
Our supreme lung ally, she strengthens & repairs lung tissue - an expectorant & demulcent, healing all respiratory issues (asthma, bronchitis, smokers lungs, etc...). The COVID carer - a preventative & reparative herb also helpful for nicotine addiction (smoke the leaves as a safe alternative or combination herb with tobacco). Her flowers are used for ear infections and are anti-viral & anti-inflammatory. 

DANDELION HERB (Taraxacum officinaleR120 for 150g
Doctor dandelion is everyone's favourite weed, everything about her is healing - she is a supreme liver ally, digestive ally, deobstruent, bactericide, fungicide, & astringent. She is a galactagogue (boosts breast milk production), supports kidneys & all other bodily systems. A generous & wonderful healing weed for all ailments (roots available too). 

BURDOCK ROOT (Arctium lappaR150 for 150g
One of the most delicious and interesting tasting liver & kidney allies. A soothing coffee alternative, an ancient womb ally, & anti-cancer blood cleanser. She calms inflammation and helps with allergies as well as emotional exhaustion. 

ECHINACEA PURUREA (Herb) R150 for 150g
My favourite herbal anti-biotic, echinacea has powerful anti-infective alkaloids. One can tincture the roots or use the leaves for a gentler herbal infusion. Cold, flu & fever ally. Start drinking infusion immediately after symptoms arise and continue for the duration of illness. 

RED RASPBERRY LEAF (Rubus ideausR150 for 150g
Incredibly nourishing & packed with vitamins & minerals (especially vitamin C & Iron). The best pregnancy tonic - toning pelvic & uterine muscles. Fertility ally for women & men, assists in milk production. Builds healthy connective tissue & eases muscle spasms, including menstrual cramping. Astringent properties help with morning sickness, nausea, bleeding & swelling. 

MARSHMALLOW ROOT (Althea off.R150 for 150g
Oh yummy mallow. This root infusion creates a delicious soothing gel substance that soothes mucus surfaces, supporting respiratory and digestive issues. Say goodbye to ulcers, coughs, menstrual cramps & IBS! She is a divine supporter of reproductive & urinary distress too. 

If you are looking for advice on which herb to use, or are searching for a particular weed, do not hesitate to email me your questions or book a consultation (see below). 
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“A witch is a woman who knows that her spirituality is her life and that her life is an art. As a green witch my art is the wise use of the green. 



Private Herbal Consultations & Infusion Starter Packs 

I offer private consultations where we shall explore your relationship to your body and your wellbeing. We will uncover what you are currently working with, from the Wise Woman Way approach, which sees our challenges (illness/dis-ease etc...) as a doorway into greater understanding of our needs. I will share information as well as specific tools and herbs to support you in your journey of wholeness and nourishment.

We will then put together a wild infusion starter pack which includes everything you need to begin your journey of taking your health back into your own hands. If you are not in South Africa, I can recommend the weeds for you to purchase yourself.


  • An online Zoom consultation to discuss what you are working with as well as the Wise Woman Way approach to health. 

  • A starter pack of organic wild-harvested herbs & all you need to start your infusion journey

  • A PDF booklet with all the information you need on how to make the infusions, what each herb does, understanding your cravings, and other holistic tips to support you on your journey of nourishment.

Infusion Starter Pack: $+/-100 (Depending on chosen herbs)


60 - 90 Minute Consultation: Book a call below to find out


"I absolutely love making my infusions. Every morning I wake up and crave them. I have noticed my skin has become so hydrated and glowing. I especially love nettle as it grounds me and provides me with all the minerals and vitamins I need to feel energized and gorgeous!"

IGGY VAN DINTHER, Supermodel & Model Coach

"I first discovered Annette and her incredible plant infusions at the beginning of 2020. I was intrigued and fascinated by the powerful wisdom behind these seemingly simple elixirs. Nutrient dense and hydrating, preparing and drinking my infusions feels like a beautiful act of self-love. Seeing them lined up on my kitchen counter even makes me smile!"