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An in-person workshop on Plant Wisdom, Intuitive Healing & Women's Work.

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Hello Sister,


Do you feel a deep yearning to learn more about plants?

Do you enjoy having your shoes off and your feet touching the Earth?

Do you feel called to support the health of humanity and the planet?

In this delicious workshop, we will explore...

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Herbal Remedies

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Body & Cycle Wisdom 

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Wise Women Way

We are living in wild times

A deep collective fear is in the air

We do not trust our bodies and we do not trust nature

We are isolating and sanitizing and searching for some 'expert' to save us

But the truth is.... you cannot hide, and no one is coming to save you

It is time to look deeply at our relationship to our bodies and to the planet

It is time to activate our inner healer and get to know the many plant allies that are waiting to meet us

This workshop is an invitation to connect...
Connect with your body

Connect with the plants 

And connect with a sacred sisterhood 

Together we will explore simple remedies, wholesome living, and an intuitive understanding of health, beyond the western scientific lens. We will get real with our fears and begin a loving and nourishing relationship with our immune systems and the wilds that surround us. You do not need to have previous herbal experience or even an interest in it to enjoy this workshop.

If you have a body and you care about your health, this is a workshop for you. 

A Green Witch is a witch who knows that healing comes from a deep connection with nature. Nature within and nature throughout. In this workshop, I will share some of the incredible wisdom I have learned along my journey.


  • WISE & WILD WISDOM - The Wise Woman Way, Witches & an ancient understanding of health & healing. 

  • SIMPLE REMEDIES -  Some basic remedies you can easily make from your kitchen and garden.

  • INTUITION ACTIVATION - Learn to listen to your body and become the healer/expert you seek.

  • SHARING CIRCLE - An opportunity for sisters to share stories and ask any questions. 

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 Thursday 3rd February 2022
6 - 8pm CET
7 - 9pm SAST

1 - 3pm EST


A recording of the evening will be available if you cannot make the given times. 


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Please arrive on time for the Zoom call. I also encourage you to create a sacred space - put your phone away, try find a peaceful place away from distractions. Light a candle. Have a cup of tea with you and a journal to take notes. Drop me an email if you did not receive the Zoom link.


"The work goes far deeper than one could have imagined, I am beyond grateful for her insights, in awe of the work she has done to expand her own consciousness & the wisdom that is shared."

- Chloe Papademetriou, London

"Working with Annette has been transformative. With softness, flow and fire; she is a guide, inspirer, mirror and sister."

- Anna V

"Annette helped set me free from the pain attached to my past traumas. She taught us the importance of vulnerability, release & letting go of shame." 


- Jess Putsman 

"Annette's work is truly powerful, a magical fusion of ancient wisdom & practical tools, which make space for the integration into everyday life. 


- Dale Leigh 


Hi sister, I am Annette. 
I am a wild and wise woman. A witch, weaver, and boss bitch. 
As an in-body-ment guide, my focus is returning home to our bodies, so we can learn to trust our own innate wisdom and become the healers we seek. Initiated as a Green Witch in the Wise Woman Tradition, I weave herbal healing into a modern context, returning the sacred into everyday life. I have a deep love and trust for nature and my body and am devoted to returning women's wisdom to the world. 

I am a no-bullshit facilitator and will go deep with you. I am a shadow dancer and invite ALL of you ~ your wild chaos, your deep waters, your sexy frivolity. Transmuting shame is my game so you can live a free and liberated life.