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  • Women who are tired of feeling repressed and disconnected from themselves 
  • Women who feel insecure in their bodies and around their sexuality

  • Women who don't know what they want and feel uninspired

  • Women who want to reconnect to the Earth & their spiritual nature

  • Women who want to have stronger boundaries

  • Women who are ready to level up and embody the Queen that they are

  • Women who long for deep, loving, and supportive relationships

This 12 week course is a foundational course for igniting a woman's power and rediscovering what it means to live connected to your monthly cycle. Our latest version of this course is a 12-week personal self-study guide. Experience the magic of our work in alignment with personal cycle, at your own pace. By living in harmony with our bodies, our hormones & the natural world, we can cultivate our pleasure, passion and purpose. 

This course is facilitated with Jessica Fawn, a sister, tantrika & academic. 


  • 12 weeks of videos, audios and downloadable PDF’s

  • Practical tools to bring this power into your daily life (wisdom embodied)

  • Heaps of theory on Witchcraft, Menstrual Mysteries, Herstory & Repressed Archetypes 

  • Tantric practices to awaken your sexual power and creativity

  • Embodiment practices to reconnect you to your womb and the Earth

  • A powerful sisterhood of women supporting one another and reweaving the sacred tapestry   

Lazola Maduka 


"Words won’t do it justice. I've sat in circles with women before but here I felt safe and loved. I finally allowed myself be be held, this was huge! Each week went deeper and a beautiful bond was created, I loved the crazy and the freedom for woman to just BE. Loved the teaching to love ourselves ALWAYS even at the lowest points in our lives.

Sam Hale

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"This experience was unlike anything I have gone through or could have imagined. From the first minute I felt comfortable and held; you could feel the love and passion in everything they did with us. This has started me on an incredible journey of self inquiry and acceptance. I’m forever grateful to these two QUEENS.

Tarryn Masterson


"Wow! What a transformative experience. I was so scared going into this but I do not regret it one bit! If there’s one thing I’m glad I did for myself this year it was this course.