“A circle of women may just be the most powerful force known to humanity. If you have one, embrace it. If you need one, seek it. If you find one, for the love of all that is good and holy, dive in…"

Jeanette LeBlanc


A Moon Lodge is a monthly gathering of women to honour our womb cycles and remind us that we live within the cycles of the Earth and Moon. An ancient practice of women coming together to listen and be heard.

We meet on the New Moon when the energy is receptive and a new cycle begins. We plant seeds of intentions for what we wish to nourish into our lives and communities. This is a powerful circle of accountability and connection. 


Bring your dreams, journals and chocolate and let us surrender into this safe and sacred space. We speak openly, unapologetically, drink tea, pull cards and magnify our power, joining millions of other women around the world doing the same.

This is an opportunity for you to share and find your voice. It can feel intimidating at first, but when we listen and hold space for our sisters in this way, we find support in meeting our resistance and overcoming fears. In doing so, we learn to speak what our heart's desire and ask for what we deserve. 

Moon Lodges are my gift for women to have an experience of my space holding and a way for me to honour my devotion to reweaving the sacred feminine tapestry. I ask for a minimum $10 exchange. This space is available for all women at all New Moon times.  

Our New Moon Lodge will take place on Zoom.


  • Create Sacred Space in your home (altar, elements, candle etc...) 

  • Dress in RED

  • Put away distractions  

  • Journal & pen  


  • Time: 

TIME: 7-830ish PM SAST every New Moon

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Paypal: info@annettemuller.love


FNB Account (South Africa)

Acc. No : 62578252753

Name: Annette Muller 

Branch: 204709 


Thank you sisters.


Blessings Be. 


"What a space for women to find themselves, connect with others, and explore on so many levels! Annette has this incredible gift of expressive release/submission that catalyzes one to instantly find their way back into their body, with that feeling of "I am home, I am safe, here I can be me, here I can let go or let be, here I can give and here I can receive." Thank you for this gift which has become a new bimonthly restorative ritual in my life!"


"Annette’s moon lodge was the first one I’ve been part of! And I have been hooked ever since. Annette’s ability to hold space and make it feel safe and sacred is incredible. The new moon lodges are full of spiritual wisdom and powerful seed planting and her full moon dances are my favorite! A time of letting go and moving in flow with my body. I am so grateful to have met this powerful women and all that she has to offer!"



"I could not have asked for a more sacred, safe ceremony. Annette’s open heart reached way beyond any of our expectations, and I highly recommend this to all brides looking for a special, spiritual connection with your closest women before stepping into the next chapter of life. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart."



Are you looking to honour your friend and Bride To Be with something a little different?


Women are cyclical in nature, like the seasons, we cycle through different stages in our lives. A major rite of passage is our transitioning from maiden to wife - and for some - mother. 


In contemporary Western culture many of these ancient feminine rituals have been lost. Sometimes they have been replaced with binge drinking or strip clubs. Yes, we all love a wild party, there's nothing wrong with that, and, if you are looking to consciously acknowledge this initiation, a Sacred Bachelorette is another way to mark the end of one chapter, and the beginning of another.


Intention before any major life event plays an important role for what proceeds it. In this ceremony we acknowledge, with reverence and respect, the responsibilities of womanhood by creating a sacred space of sisterhood and support for our Bride To Be, as she travels along the spiral of life. 


  • Flower Crown Making - adorning ourselves in natures delights, looking and feeling fabulous (yes, perfect for the pictures)

  • Sharing Circle - connecting the sisterhood, friends old and new

  • A Sacred Self-Care Booklet - tips and treats for the Bride to Be (from her nearest and dearest) 

  • Vows To Self - the opportunity for our Bride To Be to write down her personal vows

  • Sassy She Oracle Card Readings for the group of women 

  • Songs and Poems from the Sacred Woman Book

  • Nourishing Herbal Infusions (optional) 

  • Photographs (optional) 


This offering can be tailored to what your specific needs are. I bring all the necessary items to your venue and host the circle there.  


  • Annette Facilitation Cost - R2220

  • Circle Set up, Booklet, Cards - R1110 

  • Flower Crowns - R150 per person (DIY)

  • Nourishing Herbal Infusions - R100 per person

  • Photographs (unedited) - R1110  

The total will depend on the number of guests and what you choose from the above list.

Please contact me for availability and questions. 

It is an honour to create the perfect package for the Bride to Be. 

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“I so looked forward to doing something nourishing, that added to- rather than took away from- the relationship I had with myself and the ones I wished to develop and foster with the women around me. The space was safe, it held us, allowing us to be vulnerable. Being able to connect back to and learn about our ancient ritualistic practices for major transitions, was incredible.

The night truly was magical, filled with all the love. Moving from a space of fullness, of connectedness to self and of love, seems such to be the most beautiful way to move from one chapter to the next. Thank you with all my heart.”