I am here to guide you home to all that you are and more. You came here to be free, this is your greatest responsibility.  

What you fear, and what they shame, is where your freedom lies...

Global Women's Empowerment Coach



My work with women focuses on embodying all that we are. By exploring the parts of ourselves that have been shamed, we reclaim our power. A whole & holy woman is not afraid to shed the conditioning that has kept her playing small. As a shadow dancer, I guide you to the hidden stirrings of your heart. A journey of reclaiming the "too much" woman. The woman who is bold and daring and who owns all she is and more...

1 Bitch

is a woman who is not afraid to speak her truth

3 Slut

2 Witch

Is a woman who is not afraid of pleasure

Is a woman who is not afraid of her spiritual nature

4 Dyke

Is a woman who is not afraid of loving women

"Well-behaved women seldom make history"



Locate & clear the blocks that stand in the way of you and the abundance you deserve. 

Wealthy Witches & Boss Bitches, let's play!



Connect to a sacred online sisterhood where we invite ancient rituals back into our daily lives.

We meet every New Moon on Zoom.

A 12-Week activation into your feminine power including tantra, witchcraft, voice liberation, cyclical living and much more!



Looking for support with your health? Wanting to feel empowered about your wellbeing? Book a consult and we can explore together...


Book me to speak at festivals, events, conferences or on your podcast. 

I give workshops & talks on women empowerment.

What women are saying...

Women around the world recommend the Annette Müller for work in life coaching

“Thank you Annette for helping me wake from a 13 year long slumber in the gentlest way possible.”


- Anna 1:1 Client

Annette is a precious gift! A unique and powerful inspiration as a woman and a teacher. There are no words for what I've learned and am still processing after my experience with her.”


- Agathe, 1:1 client

Annette's work is powerful, a magical fusion of ancient wisdom & practical tools, which make space for the integration into everyday life. The result for me has been tangible transformations in my relationship to myself & to my life as a whole.

- Dale Leigh, Course attendee

"This work has been life-changing for me. Annette is an amazing guide who reconnects you to nature and supports you in nurturing your body back to health.”


- Sue, Wild Nettle client


About me

I turn my pain into my power. Charting every scar as an initiation into the woman I am today. I am devoted to awakening the whole and holy woman. My experience is my greatest teaching. 


I am a witch and a weaver, a writer and a pleasure-seeker. I am a woman in love with women. I am a Boss Bitch who runs her business from her heart and womb.


I am a healer and a model, a CEO and a skyclad goddess. I love luxury and I love the wilds. I help you strip away shame so you too can step into the fullness of your being and awaken all that you are.

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