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Hello Sister,

It is my honour to be of service to women.

Women rising in their authentic power. 

My gift is to be a mirror. 

To embody all that I share, and to live with integrity.

To invite women back home to their integral nature.   

I have walked a wild road and serve from a place of my own lived experience. 

I was born with a wand in my hand and an intense passion in my heart.

I was burnt many times, and in my burning, I was reborn, again and again.

This is the way of the wise woman, the medicine woman. 

I am on a path of learning what it means to be a wisdom keeper.

Blessed to meet many wise and indigenous elders on my path, I was passed down teachings and sacred rites that I now share from my heart to yours.  

My unique methodology of working with the 4 Archetypes has brought me to a place of integration... integrity.

By getting to know the aspects of myself that were shamed and feared,

I reclaimed my womanhood. 

I do not play by the rules

I am radical in my approach to "women's work."

I am an eternal child. A wild experimenter. 

My experience and range of modalities afford me the confidence to guide you on your journey of remembering and reclaiming aspects of your womanhood. 

My method is deep. I will reflect your shadows and trigger you out of your self-sabotaging ways. I will soothe and stir the deep waters within. I have met the ugliest and most beautiful parts of myself. This is your invitation to do the same. 

All of you is welcome here.

If you are ready to start cultivating more aliveness, and more connection with yourself and all of life, you have come to the right place. 

There are many ways we can play together. From my free resources to my deep-dive facilitator training, I am sure there is something you will find that lights your fire.

"I am a shapeshifter, I weave the sacred with the superficial, the underbelly with the elite. I am both wild and regal, intellectual and intuitive. I am a wild witch and a boss bitch. I believe wholeness encompasses both-and, not either-or. Embodied wisdom is to live a life of contradictory realities, simultaneously.
This is my life. This is who I am."

- Annette Müller


(A snippet of my story)

  • Modeling from the age of 15 brought me face to face with an inner starving feminine ~ an objectified & sexualized archetype,  an experience of living disembodied and disassociated from my true self. 

  • I left home and my family at the age of 17 and moved to the UK.

  • I got a first from King’s College London in Business, the peak of my good girl archetype days.

  • On the side, I worked in nightclubs ~ intense training on the collective shadow & the meeting of my baddest bitch. 

  • I then moved to New York and apprenticed with the scariest witch ~ world-renowned herbalist, Susun Weed.

  • Initiated as a Green Witch in the Wise Woman Tradition, I began my journey as a medicine woman. 

  • I completed my YTT at Three Sisters Yoga, New York as well as my Reiki Training & Attunement. 

  • The shamanic path began to call and I had the honour of partaking in a 1-year apprenticeship that followed the Okanogan & Cherokee Lineage and sacred teachings. 

  • Realizing the depths of my own internal colonization, I joined the Rooted Village and their somatic abolitionism training (a process that I am still unraveling and integrating today)  

  • The maverick in me founded Wild Nettle ~ a heart-led, eco-centric business with a mission to return simple herbal medicine to the world. 

  • My keen intellect yearned to know what life was like before the construction of patriarchy and so I enrolled in a 3 Year Matriarchal Training with International Academy Hagia to become a Professor in Modern Matriarchal Studies.

  • As the co-founder of RICHUAL, I am also a community builder and in deep service to creating spaces of ceremony and celebration. 

  • I completed my trauma-informed practitioner training with

  • I am a woman with a womb born on African soil to a bold mother and a healer of a father. I grew up with two dads, three moms, and 5 siblings. 

  • I co-founded The Radical Woman Alumni in 2023 with Melissa Maya 

  • My work is slowly expanding into birth work. I am a doula and in service to mothers as they journey through this most magical rite of passage. 

Screenshot 2022-05-04 at 21.07.44.png

Agathe F,
Private Coaching

"Annette is a precious gift!


A unique and powerful inspiration as a woman and a teacher. I have consistently gone back to her work completing two of her online courses and private coaching.


All the words I can share and my feelings about what I've learned and am still processing will not be enough to describe my experience with her.


I am now hosting wise women retreats of my own in France and have integrated so much of the teachings into my daily life.

Screenshot 2022-05-02 at

Thuli Sithole,
Moon Circle & Retreats

"Moon lodge has become a spiritual practice that I commit and surrender to in total flow of my cycle and intuition.


Working and living from this position of power has allowed me to look deeply into taking care of myself and growing from this place of ancient wisdom.


Blessings to Annette for your ever-present gift to women.

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Ella Grieg,
Facilitator Training

"Annette’s level of intentionality and courage to show up so fully in this life is visceral. I feel so held by her offerings. The tools and resources I have been able to access are guiding me in my truest direction of freedom. I’m holding so much love in my wide-open heart. 


This course and group of women have moved me into deeper integrity with myself and my purpose. The most beautiful power we can find is through connection, love, and truth, and I’ve found all this and more in this experience.




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