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Where courage and grace meet  


Initiated and in service to the reclamation of witches. I follow the path of the Wise Woman Way and look to the Earth as my guide, remembering and reigniting simple remedies and rituals. Witch is a triggering word, reclaiming the word came with burning. Friends, lovers, jobs & sometimes family, all that we hold onto, can go up in flames. It is these deaths that serve as our modern rites of passage. An opportunity to trust our intuition even when everyone around us may say otherwise. Surrendering to death is the path of the witch, for after death comes rebirth. My offerings awaken your own self-healing abilities through your reconnection to your body and the natural world. Life, death, rebirth - embodied. I am here for the infinite spiralling into deeper layers of self. My life is an art, my words are my spells. Everyday is a ritual. It is an honour and a devotion to walk this path.  

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“A witch is a woman who knows that her spirituality is her life and that her life is an art. As a green witch my art is the wise use of the green. 



I have always been called a "connector." My network is vast and my work experience varied. I studied business and played with being a lawyer, working in luxury goods, whilst spending evenings as a door girl in nightclubs. I enjoyed weaving the underbelly with the spiritual, the activism with the modelling. In the mornings I worked at sober raves, and in the evenings I would be counselling drunk CEO's at exclusive parties. When I began exploring indigenous wisdom and women-centred spirituality, I realised I am a weaver, the feminine connector. I bring people together for the greater tapestry. I thread through barriers and weave the ancient with the currents of now...To find out what I am currently weaving, click below...


My passion is uncovering my naked voice, through sharing my story and empowering others to do the same. I have spoken at large festivals, including Spirit Fest in South Africa as well as at the Tounche' Global Consciousness Summit. My talks are coloured with themes such as the Wise Woman Way, herbal healing, trusting our bodies & reclaiming the repressed archetypes of the feminine. I am radical, unapologetic & captivating. ​My intention is to empower and awaken one another's potential by embodying our already whole and holy selves. 

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Writing has always been a method of healing and uncovering the unconscious material living deep inside my mind. When I worked as an editorial coordinator & writer for a popular luxury goods magazine, I found my passion for writing start to diminish. Held back by briefs and censorship, I left the magazine and now write for joy & cathartic release. Free-flowing, untamed expression. From poetry and articles to newsletter musings and Instagram blasts. Follow me below for more...

From my heart to yours, I share my...