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Light up your life, work & relationships


Calling in...

  • Women who are ready to take radical responsibility for their lives

  • Women who want to cultivate the most loving relationship with their bodies 

  • Women seeking a deeper connection to nature and their own spiritual nature 

  • Women looking to establish stronger boundaries and break free from the shame of being seen as "too much" 

  • Women who are ready to prepare their bodies and nervous systems for their deeper purpose and the prosperity they deserve

  • Women who want to live a JOYOUS, pleasure-filled existence in all areas of life

  • Women who are ready to commit physically, spiritually, and financially

“There is a life-force within your soul, seek that life. There is a gem in the mountain of your body, seek that mine.
O traveler, if you are in search of That.
Don’t look outside, look inside yourself and seek That.”

- Rumi

My personal mentorship offers a deep dive into the wisdom of your own being.

I will work with a range of different modalities that will be uniquely tailored to you and your desires.

This opportunity of working together requires courage, trust, and devotion.

I consider our journey a sacred opportunity for you to be seen and supported. 

It took me years to trust my gift of igniting women on their path.

To know that the medicine is in the initiation. The deaths that come before our rebirths. 

I can be with you in the dark because I know what it feels like to have the lights turned off.

I can be with you when your light is brighter than you ever dreamed possible. 

Choosing ourselves is the greatest gift we can ever receive. 

 Our time together will uncover your magic. The spark that is you. 

We will move slowly, for slow is what will return you to your flow. 

My intention as your mentor is to hold sacred space. 

To trust in your ability to reclaim the fullness of your being.

Your wholeness and holiness.

My process is unique and deep.

I practice a range of modalities and work with the magic of the moment. 

Trust the call. 

 I look forward to hearing from you. 

Examples of what we can explore together 

  • Shame Transmutation & Shadow Work ~ an exploration of archetypes that feel alive for you

  • Desire & Dream Mapping ~ uncovering your passion and bringing visions into reality 

  • Embodiment ~ journeying home to sensation, moving through discomfort and dissociation 

  • Returning Rituals ~ committing to self-care and self-love rituals, returning the sacred to everyday life 

  • Optimal Health & Wholeness ~ from trying to fix and punish to deep nourishment and trust in your body

  • Cyclical Living - cultivating a loving relationship with your hormonal cycles and the cycles of nature



  •  1 x 90-minute deep dive intention setting call 

  • 3  x calls per month, 1-week integration 

  • Integration exercises including meditations, somatic exercises, journal prompts, and other tailored take-home tools and practices

  • Access to my online courses and workshops that will support and deepen our work together 

  • Whatsapp & email check-ins to feel fully supported 

  • Accountability for your dreams through Monthly Moon intentions 


3 Month Package 

Private mentorship is my premium offer and only runs during certain months of the year with a limited amount of clients.  I only have a few openings per month to ensure dedicated time and presence.

I am in full trust that if this is the space for you, you will be active in asking for it. Please be in touch to find out if the time is suited for our adventure to begin...


"During one of the most challenging and difficult times in my life, I reached out to Annette for her knowledge of ancient wisdom and her nurturing practices of sisterhood. 
With her unconventional thought provoking modalities, she held my hands for as long as it took me to resurface back from the throes of grief until I flew back into my strengths.

She’s a a beautiful soul.


Inside and out."

- Inka, Founder of Afrikoa


“Thank you Annette for helping me wake from a 13 year long slumber in the gentlest way possible.”

- Anita, Cape Town

Working with Annette has been transformative. With softness, flow and fire; she is a guide, inspirer, mirror and sister. 

She approached me with both sensitive softness, that allowed me to truly feel through my emotions, as well as powerful tools to grow closer to myself and my dreams. Annette is a wonderful witch. I would recommend her to any sister who is feeling called to invest in their healing and growth!"

- Anna Verhaar, Mexico


I highly recommend Annette's work. I've been in therapy since I was a kid and it's about time we acknowledged the veracity and value in alternative approaches to trauma and mental health. Those that heal at the root. Reconnecting to nature and our inner magic. I learned truths that are impossible to unsee.

I continue to tune in because it feels natural and good.

I have newfound personal responsibility without judgement."

- Anita, Cape Town

I have benefited so much from working with you in the 1:1 sessions. 

I experience you as someone congruent in our interactions meaning that I trust you are real and authentic. You integrate what you teach me in your own life which is motivating and provides a great example for me.

You are open and share some of how you struggle with particular themes as well which normalises not having it all together and also creates an opportunity for discussing how to navigate the struggles. 

Your approach is very rooted in ritual, the body, and day to day lifestyle practices which is a great complement to my therapeutic process. I enjoyed the PDF handouts that summarised key learnings and reflections from the sessions along with resources and suggested actions for integration. 


I also really appreciate feeling that you are really rooting for me and the opportunity to communicate in between sessions when feeling stuck and to also stay accountable by checking in on whether I am implementing the actions we speak about in sessions.

- Ndivhudzyani, Therapist, Joburg

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