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space holding for the sacred moments

It is with great reverence that I accept this calling to hold space for sacred moments for women.

Moments that would traditionally be called rites of passage. Portals where we as women move from one way of being to another. Being trained as a doula as well as a women's circle facilitator, prepared me for this service. It is my offering that comes most naturally to me. I have been asked to officiate weddings, do baby naming ceremonies, and hold space for both birth and death. These sacred moments, these rites of passage, have reminded me how very essential this offering is for all women.

It is my honour to be of service to you in this way. 


We, as women, are cyclical in nature, like nature's seasons, we cycle through major seasons of life. Whether it be from childhood to womanhood (our menses), from maiden to motherhood, from being solo to in divine union, we cycle, we journey. Sometimes we cycle through death, we lose life or we choose to end a union. Sometimes a birthday feels significant to celebrate, or sometimes we choose to marry ourselves and our dreams. All of these moments are sacred and deserving of space-holding. Together we can co-create the perfect ceremony that feels most aligned with your wishes.

"I could not have asked for a more sacred, safe ceremony. Annette’s open heart reached way beyond any of our expectations, and I highly recommend this to all brides looking for a special, spiritual connection with your closest women before stepping into the next chapter of life. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart."

-LEILA TAI MATTHEE (the bride)


tailored to your unique wishes

Below are examples of what I offer in terms of rites of passage. Options that you get to add on or bring into your sacred ceremony. Together, with these options and more, we co-create a celebration that aligns with your deepest values and desires.


  • Flower-Crown Adornment to make the moment beautiful

  • Songs & poetry that align with your specific rite of passage 

  • Drum journey and embodiment practice to ground into the Earth's elements

  • Tea or Caco ceremony from Wild Nettle that supports your specific transition 

  • Sharing circle and opportunity for your chosen guests to bring their magic

  • Intention-setting and your vow to self, to honour your reason for this ceremony 

  • Oracle She Readings (fun card reading for you and your guests)

  • A sacred guided dance party with your co-created playlist

Once you have decided upon the structure of your sacred ceremony, we will tend to the logistics and ensure everything is ready and prepared for your special day. We begin our journey with a phone call together to decide on the chosen aspects and then I give the option for an in-person meeting, preferably at the venue where the celebration will be held - if possible. You can follow the prompts below to begin this journey together. 

Cost Breakdown

The starting rate for my time in this capacity is from R7000 +, depending on what you decide to add on and how long your ceremony is. 



“I so looked forward to doing something nourishing, that added to- rather than took away from- the relationship I had with myself and the ones I wished to develop and foster with the women around me. The space was safe, it held us, allowing us to be vulnerable. Being able to connect back to and learn about our ancient ritualistic practices for major transitions, was incredible.

The night truly was magical, filled with all the love. Moving from a space of fullness, of connectedness to self and of love, seems such to be the most beautiful way to move from one chapter to the next. Thank you with all my heart.”

- Sacred Bacherlorette

I’ve known Annette since she was about 3 years old. I’ve witnessed her blossom into the incredible woman she is now. She possesses a unique gift for creating meaningful connections. Fast forward to our wedding day, where she took that gift to a whole new level. With an intimate understanding of our journey as a couple, and wanting to move towards a ceremony that honored where we were both, Annette orchestrated a wedding ceremony that beautifully merged spirituality and connection. Her ability to hold space allowed us to experience an intimate ceremony that transcended tradition. The day felt like a true reflection of our bond, and I am so grateful for our lifelong friendship, her guidance, and her talent for curating a heartfelt experience that will forever hold a special place in our hearts. I have so much love for you.

- Angela Nicks, Bride Cape Town

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