Coming in 2021...


Sink your roots deep into the soil, call on your ancestors, learn from the plant allies, forage, break open, allow yourself to deepen in order to expand as we journey together on this week of rewilding, reconnecting & reigniting. 


  • Daily Embodiment: come home to your body in our movement, dance & guided practices. 

  • Empowerment: through workshops that offer tools to find & speak your truth & embrace your vulnerability.

  • Rewilding: find our inner wild, shedding the layers that separate us from our raw selves. 

  • Red Tent: Connect to your womb and the wisdom within, exploring your sexuality and femininity. 

  • Ancestral wisdom: Call on your ancestors & the ancestors of the land, respectfully foraging, honouring & preparing food food with local mamas as guides.

  • Wise Woman Way: Harvest plants to craft medicine and herbal infusions.

  • Hormonal Healing: listen to your cycle, connect to the phases of the moon. 

  • Nourishment: Unravel the starving women archetype that is rooted in punishment, rules & shame. Learn to trust your body & transform your relationship with food.

  •  Archetypal Healing: activate the repressed faces of the feminine - inviting sacred rage, death, and rebirth so we can own all that we are as women.

  • Sisterhood: Enjoy the freedom to express yourself in a community of warm, heart-centered women who are open and committed to owning and becoming all that they are.

  • Relax and Play: Take time for yourself to create, sleep, relax, journal, laugh and cry.

All of you is welcome here!