Monthly New
Moon circle


A Moon Lodge or Moon Circle is an online gathering for women on the New Moon. A time for women to connect with themselves and their fellow sisters. It is an ancient practice of women coming together to listen and be heard.​ In this space, we connect to our bodies and the wisdom of our wombs. 


We meet in a virtual circle on Zoom every New Moon as a new cycle begins. During our time together, we share our intentions for what we wish to call in for the coming month. This gathering is an opportunity to reflect on our lives and ensure we are holding ourselves accountable for our dreams. 


This is a space for you to just be.


You can share or simply listen and learn from fellow wise women. 


 Come exactly as you are.

All of you is welcome in the Lodge. 


​☾Create Sacred Space in your home (altar, elements, candles etc... Email me for a pdf guide on creating an altar if you need extra support) 
☾ Wear something or have something
red on you
☾Come as you are, put away your phone and other distractions 

☾ Journal & pen

Open heart, ready for magic 


Time: 7 - 830pm SAST (South Africa Time)

Date: Every New Moon ​

Where: Zoom Link will be sent in my newsletter closer to the date


$15 suggested donation / FREE for those who are not in a position to donate


Once payment has been made please email me your proof of payment so I know to secure your spot.


If you are signed up for my newsletter, you will receive the Zoom link.

(The New Moon Zoom link does not change!)

Add my email to your contact list and check your spam folder in case you didn't receive the link.


Friday, 1 April, 7 - 830pm SAST

Monday, 30th May, 7-830pm SAST 

Wednesday, 29 June, 7-830pm SAST 

Thursday, 28 July, 7-830pm SAST 

Sunday, 28 August, 7-830pm SAST 

Sunday, 25 September, 7-830pm SAST 

I am so looking forward to welcoming you sisters, bring your friends and sisters and mothers and grandmothers!

All are welcome, 

​Blessings Be, 

“Taking part in a Moon Lodge is such a powerful way to connect to ourselves and to our fellow sisters, at the deepest experiential level. Annette holds the space with such grounding and sensitive skill, allowing us to thread sisterhood in the most vulnerable yet safe ways.”


- Ella Iris


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See you in circle!


"Moon lodge has become a spiritual practice that I commit and surrender to in total flow of my cycle and intuition. Working and living from this position of power has allowed me to look deeply into taking care of myself and growing from this place of ancient wisdom. Blessings to Annette for your ever-present gift to women."

- Thuli Sithole, Johannesburg 


“Annette emanates a glorious power of grounded grace & realness in her Moon Lodges. This directly translates into the space, making it feel safe, earthy & intuitive. The experience activated a deep sense of presence & wonder in me, & inspired me further into my appreciation for women’s gatherings. Such gratitude for this sacred & holy ritual.”

- Ella Grieg, South Africa

"Annette’s work is truly powerful, a magical fusion of ancient wisdom & practical tools, which make space for the integration into everyday life. The result for me has been tangible shifts & transformations in my relationship to myself & to my life as a whole.”


- Dale Leigh Gess, Cape Town 

"My Moon Lodge experience led by Annette set me free from the pain attached to my past traumas. She taught us vulnerability, release & letting go of shame. I learned to honour my journey as sacred & be there for my sisters. The experience harmonized my cycle. I now honour my bleed time, my cycle & my voice."


- Jess Putsman, London