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Nature is abundant, and so are you...


Abundance is a hot word that gets thrown around a lot but what actually is it? How can we comprehend abundance in a world that can sometimes feel so scarce? The laws of abundance are the laws of nature and so let's look to our original teacher, Mother Earth. The natural world is in perfect harmony. Living by the seasons of life and death there is a constant dance of giving and receiving. A plentiful supply that is replenished and given out again and again.

So what has caused us, humans, to live in such an illusion of scarcity? Why is it that we struggle so deeply to share? To receive? To trust? When considering this big “why”, I was reminded of the major crisis we are currently facing as humanity. Our separation and destruction of the natural world. In our becoming so smart and superior, we severed our ties with this dance of giving and receiving and so cut ourselves off from our original source.

In our separation, we became fearful and sceptical. Some hoarded their wealth and bought more things, thinking it would make them feel rich and “safe”. Others remained in cycles of poverty, never feeling they deserved to receive. How do you get the river of abundance to flow once more?

How do we move from greed to giving?

From lack to receiving?

Let's look at some of the foundational laws of abundance to support this flow.

Law One: Belief Systems

To break us out of scarcity and open us up to abundance, we must uncover the belief systems that perpetuate this illusion.

A belief system is a set of beliefs that we hold about what is right and wrong and what is true and false.

Our beliefs are what create our reality. Ask yourself, what beliefs do I hold around money and abundance? Check your bank balance and notice what feelings come over you.

Many of us hold limiting beliefs such as, there is never enough, it is the root of evil, I don’t deserve it, you have to work really hard for it…

These beliefs are all subconscious programming that came from our family, friends, or culture. The beauty about beliefs is that you can choose to change them. With some effort and self-responsibility we can begin to reprogram our beliefs to ensure they are in flow with the laws of abundance.

Law Two: The Universe Has Your Back

Whilst this second law of abundance can sound quite woo-woo to some, it serves as the foundation of trust needed to step into the flow of giving and receiving.

Call it God, Nature, The Universe… it is the deep knowing that something greater out there is in favour of you living an abundant life.

When we walk our true path we become a magnet for that which we desire.

Within this truth, we must also have patience and acceptance for how everything has unfolded up until now. Every failure, every loss was a part of our unique journey.

When we loosen our grip of control, which is a symptom of our lack of trust, we can tap into this flow-state once more.

Law Three: Your Desires are Sacred

Much like sex and religion, money is one of those taboo subjects that hold a lot of shame.

Shame for not having enough and shame for having or wanting too much. Shame is a powerful weapon of control and contraction.

Ask yourself… what do I desire?

Let go of the fear of admitting that you actually do have desires.

A key universal truth of abundance is that you have to believe you deserve to receive that which you are calling in.

“We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?'


who are you not to be?

You are a child of God

Your playing small does not serve the world.

There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.” - Marianne Williamson

Law 4: Own Your Unique Magnetism

We all have unique desires and dreams. Money is merely a tool to make those dreams become a reality. It is not the money we are after, it is what money can bring us. And beyond the thing that it brings, it is the feeling that we get when we have those things.

Make a list of all the things you want money for.

Be honest with yourself.

Oftentimes we think we want what someone else has, but that is only coming from a competitive or comparative place and is not actually true for us.

Eg: I desire a trip to Bali… then explore the feeling that you are seeking from these things.

Eg: A trip to Bali brings me a feeling of serenity and adventure.

Once we get clarity on the feelings we are after, we can begin to manifest money by embodying these feeling-states right now. When we bring these feelings to life and believe we deserve to feel this way, we become a magnetic match for that which we desire.

This is the law of attraction, and when practised regularly can bring incredible synchronicities into our lives.

Law Five: Alignment & Integrity

To support our unique magnetism we must also ensure we are living a life of integrity and alignment with that which we are calling in.

Alignment is when our thoughts, words and actions are in alliance.

These prompts will support you to live in integrity with the life you dream of:

What am I thinking about myself and others? Are these thoughts abundant and kind or are they feeding scarcity?

What am I saying out loud about myself and others? One of the Four Agreements in the Ancient Toltec Tradition is impeccability with our words. Words are spells. Are you casting spells that keep you small, broke and judgemental - or are you expressing your brilliance, your dreams and your support for other people's dreams?

What actions am I taking each day? Are your day-to-day actions supporting the life you want to live or are they keeping you stuck and stagnant?

Overcoming inertia and taking small steps each day towards your goals can create huge ripples in your life.

Law Six: You are Nature, Be Like the Trees.

Abundance is so much greater than acquiring material possessions. It is a feeling of ease, a flow-state of giving and receiving, an appreciation for the fullness of life. Look at the trees in bloom, the flowers that turn to fruit, the abundant supply of seeds that create new life. The tree is not hoarding fruit or hiding her flowers, she is showcasing her brilliance, giving unconditionally with the knowing that more will come.

Whilst the illusion of scarcity has crippled many of us, we have the ability to reprogram our beliefs and create a new reality. There is already an incredible awakening in this space and the invitation is to keep trusting and keep returning to the wisdom of the natural world.

When you find yourself spiralling into scarcity turn to these simple mantras and breathe in the truth of your abundant life.

“Plenty more where that came from…” ~ A mantra to use when you pay for things. Moving from fear of spending to a belief that more will come.

“Every thought I believe creates a world I see.” ~ A reminder to watch your thoughts and focus on what you want not what you do not want.

“It is in the Divine interest of everyone and everything that I live an abundant life.” ~ You deserve it.

Now go take the action steps to create it!

This article was published in Holistica Enlightenment, 2022 edition.

I offer online courses for women to support them in overcoming their blocks to abundance. Know that this work serves you wherever you are on your journey. If you are holding onto scarcity wounds from childhood, it can be very difficult to feel and enjoy the abundance you may already have all around you.

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