Workshop Dates 2022

In-person (Cape Town)

Punishment to Nourishment @ The Centre, Noordhoek  

6 August 2022 

Cape Town 

10:00 - 12:30


Who is this workshop for?

  • Women who are suffering from hormonal imbalances (PMS, irregular periods, menopausal complaints)

  • Women who experience digestive/absorption issues or are vegan and concerned about their mineral/vitamin intake

  • Women looking for more sustainable energy without the caffeine cravings

  • Women who want to handle stress better and sleep deeper 

  • Women who desire glowing skin, silky hair, and strong nails

  • Women who seek natural and sustainable ways to incorporate more pleasure into their lives

  • Women who are ready to stop punishing and restricting themselves and start loving and nourishing themselves 

  • And finally, women who are ready to trust their bodies and begin a loving and committed relationship with themselves and their self-care rituals

In this workshop, we will connect to the wisdom of our intuition and the wild healing plants. We will remember the ancient ways of healing our bodies, our families, and our planet.

When women trust their intuition and become the healers they seek,

they experience deep fulfillment and empowerment.


We always begin our workshops with a Sacred Women's Circle to connect to our bodies and our intuition.

From this grounded place, we will connect to the wild weeds and our body's unique needs.

We will then move into the practical part of the workshop: learning to make wild weed infusions.

This practical part includes getting to know these herbal allies and why they are so important

for our bodies in today's day and age. 


Wild Weed infusions are the most nourishing sources of minerals and vitamins.

They replenish all our micronutrient needs leaving us feeling full of vitality.

From this place of deep nourishment, we can heal ourselves and experience optimal health.

Wild Nettle_Shot11_1493.jpg

What is included? 

  • Sacred Women's Circle including deep embodiment practices to connect with your womb and intuition 

  • Wild Nettle infusion tasters to experience the magic of wild weeds and their mineral-rich properties 

  • A delicious, guided meditation by Shakti Tantra Guide @Jessica_fawn

  • A Practical step-by-step guide on how to make infusions and nourish your family with these simple wise women's recipes 

  • Q & A on all things health, healing, ancestral diets, microbiome, nutrition, pleasure and micronutrient support... 

Interested in organising a workshop?

Book the Wild & Wise Women Workshop for a group of friends, a festival, conference, professional or private function.

Annette has been invited to many retreats, festivals and events and can offer tailored talks and workshops to fit your needs. Get in touch to have her wisdom shared at your gathering.



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