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 An archetypal embodiment journey to meet your inner bitch and heal from nice girl syndrome

Welcome Women, 

It is with great excitement that I offer you this workshop on meeting your inner bitch.
As a recovering nice girl, I know the immense burden of carrying the weight of others and staying small to fit into society's expectations of you. The truth is society, your parents, your partner, your friends...
do not
own you and certainly do not owe you the freedom you seek.
It is up to YOU to decide to stop hiding and break free of the oppressive nice girl archetype. 

Do I suffer from nice girl syndrome?

Do you say yes to things when you really mean no?
Do you prioritize other people's feelings over your own?
When you do speak your truth do you feel guilty afterward?
Do you seek external validation to feel worthy? 
Does self-doubt and shame cripple your ability to level up?
Do you undervalue or underchar
ge for your gifts?
Are you settling in your work? Relationship? Life?

If you answered yes to the following questions,
it may be time to activate your in
ner Sacred Bitch!

My mission is to support women to be free.
​Free to be. Free to feel. Free to receive. Free to express whomever they wish to be.
This sacred bitch workshop is a deeply embodied experience of meeting and integrating an aspect of your unconscious that may be self-sabotaging your life. When the Bitch is not given a defined role and responsibility, she acts out in controlling and destructive ways. She acts out in shadowy ways. Similarly, if we have neglected her entirely, the nice girl may be running the show... and you know what they say about nice girls?
Oh, you don't?
Well, they die young.
I am calling in women who want to be WHOLE and COMPLEX and UNTAMED. 
Women who are ready to break free and just BE all that they wish to be...

Are you ready?


What to expect

  • A DEEP dive 2 hour Live Zoom Call 

  • A safe and sacred space to connect with yourself and some other badass sisters 

  • Practical embodiment and somatic exercises to activate and meet your inner sacred Bitch and the aspect of you that has your back

  • Understanding the energetics of boundaries and how to maintain our center

  • Throat chakra activation exercises to get comfortable speaking our truth and asking for what we want

  • Some sexy and strategic tools around money, self-worth, and asking for what we deserve (from my Money Course.)

  • A detailed PDF to take home after the evening to keep integrating the lessons learned in our masterclass

  • A delicious Bad Bitch Meditation to download and have on hand when you need to be reminded of your magic and your sacred no. 

7 - 9 pm CET/SAST
1 - 2 pm EST
On Zoom 

(Recordings will be available if you cannot make the live.)

Your payment via Paypal will secure your spot. This small payment is your COMMITMENT to show up!

(When we exchange value for something, we respect & receive it far deeper). 

LOCAL LADIES - If you want to pay via EFT, please email me:

Once paid, you will receive your Zoom link and a preparation email from me.


Please arrive on time for the live Zoom call and be ready to have your cameras on (however shy and messy, we welcome you).


Being SEEN is an important aspect of this work.

Add my email address to your contacts to avoid losing the mail in your spam folder. Or just email me directly if you have any issues.​



Hi sister, I am Annette. 
I am a bad b!tch and I am also a cheeky trickster and gentle, sensitive soul. I can be kind and I can also cut through your BS and support you breaking free. My gift is the ability to ignite women on their path and see where their shadows are holding them back. I am a doer, not a preacher...
I walk my talk every single day and empower you to become the healer you seek. As an embodiment guide, my focus is on returning home to our bodies, where our true wisdom lies. My work will support you to trust your body and find your voice.
We will go deep together. Bring all of you. The container and sacred space we create can hold it!

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