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 An embodied journey to move from fear & mistrust of women into love & support of women 

Welcome Sisters, 

My mission is to support women to live embodied and empowered lives. Through my Method of the Four Archetypes, I have witnessed specific areas of collective conditioning that keep women from accessing their full power. One such area of collective conditioning for women is found within The Dyke Archetype.
The Dyke, by my definition, is a woman who loves women. 
When I speak of The Dyke, I am moving beyond sexuality, beyond the patriarchal construct of sexualizing a woman who loves another woman. What I am referring to is the original etymology of the word Dyke:


Dyke from Old Norse: “dik”
In English: a“ditch” or “bull dyke” 
A long wall or embankment
 A boundary or defense

A Dyke is a woman who defends other women. Who will protect her sister, and stand as a defense between her and the forces that work against her. Patriarchy is terrified of The Dyke, hence why they create words to try to shame the intimacy they fear amongst women. When women work together and support their sister's rising, we are an unstoppable force.

What is the dyke wound?

Part of the conditioning of patriarchy is that of divide and conquer.

If women spend so much time comparing and competing, they will remain distracted.

Have you ever found yourself struggling to be truly happy for your sister's success?

Do you scroll through Instagram getting triggered by the women you see living fabulous lives?

What about your deeper desires for intimacy with women, do you hold back, is there shame there?

Do you hold a belief that there is not enough space for you if another woman shines in your presence?

Most women consciously or unconsciously fear or mistrust their sisters. 

It is an ancient wound that was birthed with the patriarchy, that of divide and conquer. 

women are responsible for women's rise or women's fall



rning to be a part of. 
The intention of this mast
erclass is to call back our coven, the sacred place where witches gather in safety and protection. Where we can be as witchy as we desire and ignite one another's power and healing magic once more. 

This journey is an opportunity to bring all your fears as well as anything
the world deemed too much or too weird.

Who is this for?

I am calling in brave women who are ready to ignite their healing powers.
Women who know that the world needs repai
ring and that they have a role to play. 
Women who want to deepen their connection to
 nature and their own spiritual nature. 
Women who want to trust their intuition and the messages they receive from the Divine. 
Women who want to become more open to their psychic and healing gifts. 
Women looking for sisters who understand and inspire them.

Are you ready?


  • A DEEP dive 2 hour Live Zoom Call

  • A safe and sacred space to connect with yourself and some other witches from around the world  

  • A deep somatic embodiment exercise of actually meeting this archetype of your womanhood and asking her what she needs

  • Tapping into a state of openess so we can received channelled messages 

  • Singing medicine songs to open our throats and heal the shame and fear of being an outspoken witch 

  • Rituals to return simple ceremony back into our everyday lives

  • A detailed PDF to take home after our evening together to integrate the magic of our masterclass. 

  • A sacred meditation to download and have on hand when you need to be reminded of your intuition and spiritual power. 

What to expect...

7 - 9 pm CET/SAST
1 - 2 pm EST
On Zoom 

(Recordings will be available if you cannot make the live.)

Please use the "paying a friend" option for paypal

Your payment will secure your spot. This small payment is your DEVOTION to showing up for yourself and your inner witch. 

(When we exchange value for something, we respect & receive it far deeper). 

Once paid, you will receive a Zoom link and a preparation email from me.


Please arrive on time for the live Zoom call, the circle will open 5 minutes past 7 pm, and then the zoom room is closed. 

Add my email address to your contacts to avoid losing my mail in your spam folder. Or just email me directly if you have any issues.​



I do believe in magic, I do, I do
If I had to tell you all the crazy beautiful  things I have experienced you may never believe me. How I got to this place of knowing, of connection, of being so solidly in myself, my gifts, my service. The truth is it did not always look like this... At 21 I remember being so lost and out of it. I had no clue what spirit was. I was at the bottom of the hole and so I let myself go into the void. I surrendered and actually asked for help. I had no clue what I was doing but I had run out of options. They call it the dark knight of the soul, it was certainly dark, but what came was the brightest light. The realization that this is what life was actually about. Death and rebirth, change, connection to something greater than myself...My work has now become about supporting women through this process. We do not need to do it all alone and my mission is to create spaces where we can do the work of traveling into the depths, together. Know that you are not alone and that it is my honour to be here with you. 


Praise from the last Witch Meetings 

"Thank you so much for this class today. It was truly fucking amazing being in your space and I know it won't be the last." 


"Today was so powerful and, I feel, key to where I am going. I've needed to meet this powerful bitch inside of me with my whole heart for so long."


"Whole new brand sacred bitch vibes activated! that was so yummy. Cannot wait to express through her."


"WOW, chills everywhere. So much truth in this experience."

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