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 An archetypal embodiment journey to move from fear & mistrust of women into love & support of women.

Welcome Sisters, 

My mission is to support women to live embodied and empowered lives. Through my Methodology of the Four Reclaimed Archetypes, I have witnessed specific areas of collective conditioning that keep women from accessing their full power. One such area of collective conditioning for women is found within The Dyke Archetype.
The Dyke, by my personal definition, is a woman who loves women. 
When I speak of The Dyke, I am speaking beyond sexuality, beyond the patriarchal construct of sexualizing a woman who loves another woman. What I am referring to is the original etymology of the word Dyke:


Dyke from Old Norse: “dik”
In English: a“ditch” or “bull dyke” 
A long wall or embankment
 A boundary or defense

A Dyke is a woman who defends other women. Who will protect her sister, and stand as a defense between her and the forces that work against her. Patriarchy is terrified of The Dyke, this is why they created words (spells) to attempt to shame the intimacy they feared among women. The strength they fear all women inherently hold. By shaming women for this power, they created a resistance within us to truly love, and truly protect, and truly trust our sisters.

The greatest threat to the patriarchy, and thus the archetype that clicks all the others into place, is in fact the Dyke. 

When women work for and not against each other, we are an unstoppable force.

What is the dyke wound?

In order to subjugate successfully you must divide and conquer.

Much of the division amongst women (and the village) was birthed during the witch trials and facilitated the rise of our current patriarchal and capitalist systems ~ The individual who trusts no one and who works only for her/himself.

A system of dominance must create terror and mistrust among the people. 

A tactic to both distract and dissect. The birth of comparison and competition.

Have you ever found yourself struggling to be truly happy for your sister's success?

Do you scroll through Instagram getting triggered by the women you see living full & fabulous lives?

What about your deeper desires for intimacy with women, do you hold back, is there shame there?

Have you had your heart broken by a woman, a friend that left you completely hollowed out?

Most women consciously or unconsciously fear or mistrust their sisters. 

It is an ancient wound that we will address in this session.

A wound we are all ready to heal.

women are responsible for women's rise or women's fall


The intention of this masterclass is to reweave the sacred sisterhood. To call forth our inner dyke, our inner protector of women. The part within us that is ready to face any shadowy shit that has held us back from truly supporting one another. From building real connections with our sisters. Community with our women.

This journey is an opportunity to bring all your shame and fear of women and all your deepest desires with regard to your relationships with women. This is a space that will be held with the deepest love and transparency. Together we will transmute our shame and shadows around the sisterhood wound and reweave the sacred tapestry of our collective liberation once more. 

Who is this for?

I am calling in women who are ready to look at the shadowy ways they sabotage their relationships with women.

Women who are done comparing and competing with the women in their lives. 

Women who seek deeper and more intimate relationships with women. 

Women who want to heal their heartbreaks and toxic relationships with the women of their past.

Women who are ready to transmute their own internalized misogyny around women (and themselves). 

Women who are ready to be the dyke, the boundary, the protector of women.

Women who are ready to meet this part of themselves and embody it so they can support the rise of all women and thus all people... reweaving the village once more.

Are you ready?


  • A DEEP dive 2-hour Live Zoom Call

  • A beautifully held sacred space to connect with yourself and some other women from around the world

  • Theoretical insight on this archetype, some history on the etymology, as well as a deeper understanding of female love and intimacy beyond sexual identity

  • A deep somatic embodiment exercise (parts work) where you get to actually meet this archetype, this part of you, and ask her what she needs to feel whole and holy once more

  • Integration exercises, slow movement, and a tender sharing circle to close off our session.

  • A detailed PDF to take home after our evening together to integrate the magic of our masterclass. 

  • A sacred bonus meditation to download later in the month where you can be reminded of this moment and integrate your dyke deeper into your body and psyche

What to expect...

7 - 9 pm CET/SAST
1 - 2 pm EST
On Zoom 

(Recordings will be available if you cannot make the live.)

Please use the "paying a friend" option for paypal

Your payment will secure your spot. This small payment is your DEVOTION to showing up for yourself and your inner witch. 

(When we exchange value for something, we respect & receive it far deeper). 

Once paid, you will receive a Zoom link and a preparation email from me.


Please arrive on time for the live Zoom call, the circle will open 5 minutes past 7 pm, and then the zoom room is closed. 

Add my email address to your contacts to avoid losing my mail in your spam folder. Or just email me directly if you have any issues.​



I am healing through this too...
This archetype has taken the longest to share because she really had me... 

Praise from the last Witch Meetings 

"Thank you so much for this class today. It was truly fucking amazing being in your space and I know it won't be the last." 


"Today was so powerful and, I feel, key to where I am going. I've needed to meet this powerful bitch inside of me with my whole heart for so long."


"Whole new brand sacred bitch vibes activated! that was so yummy. Cannot wait to express through her."


"WOW, chills everywhere. So much truth in this experience."

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