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A Weekend Visioning

Retreat For Women

26 - 28 January 2024
Tulbagh, Cape Town

Elevate Your Soul Vision with Fellow Female Leaders


Calling all our fellow female visionaries.


This is your invitation to come together with a group of powerful women where we will expand into the next evolution of our visions - for ourselves, for our communities, and for the world. 


Our Modern Empress Visioning Retreat is your opportunity to claim what you desire and embody the highest expression of your being.


We envision a world where every woman is profoundly connected to her unique mission on this planet, continually inspired, and wholeheartedly supported in sharing her gifts.


You are here to live a life that is rich with purpose, service, and bliss.


To live authentically, in resonance with your soul—the inner Empress within.


Together, we're forging a new paradigm of business and leadership based on an ecosystem of support where:


Our nervous systems are relaxed, our bodies are honored, and our visions are valued.


Here, we release the notions of competition, the need to prove our worth, or the impulse to compare.


We surrender our stress, opening ourselves to the abundant gifts shared by like-hearted women.


We claim our space, shine in our expression, and embrace the spirit of celebration.


Our intention for this retreat is to create the fertile ground for women like you to truly thrive.


For when women claim their visions and prosper, the whole world prospers.

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What to Expect?

A uniquely tailored journey through 7 transformational Empress Activations, that will elevate abundance and clarity in all areas of your life. Our immersive workshops, led by our team of three experienced facilitators, will reveal the areas in your life yearning for more support and unwavering commitment. Get ready to immerse yourself in embodied wisdom, enriching your well-being, relationships, and the legacy you are destined to leave behind.


Jon Doe


Alexia Usgaard 

Alexia is a Feminine Leadership Consultant and the Founder & CEO of The Modern Empress. Alexia graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Integrative Biology. She has over a decade of experience in conscious business, self-leadership, ritual mastery, creativity development, lifestyle design, and stress resilience. Her work has spanned from Silicon Valley to Southeast Asia, and Africa, and includes working with leading entrepreneurs, business leaders, corporate professionals, influencers, & billionaire CEOs.  Alexia’s magic is in revealing the full potential of women’s sovereign success in business, leadership and their everyday lives. Her unique methodologies & transformational programs focus on supporting women to embody their inner Empress & lead with abundance in all areas of their life.


Learn More: @alexia_usgaard


Ezlyn Olivia Barends

Ezlyn is a Soul Mastery Coach and Luxe Energy Healer to high-performing female leaders around the world. In 2011, Ezlyn started the DreamGirls Academy, a national movement that empowered hundreds of young women in South Africa through educational initiatives and mentorship programmes. She is now a co-creator at The Modern Empress, a personal development and lifestyle design company committed to supporting women on their self-leadership journeys so that they create a rich lifestyle of holistic empowerment, abundance, impact & wellbeing. In addition to being an international MBA graduate, Ezlyn is certified in a wide range of energy healing modalities. She has been widely recognized for her innovative approach to leadership, through accolades such as FastCompany SA’s Top Creative People in Business and Mercedes Benz 21 Icons.

Learn More: @ezlynolivia

Annette Müller

Annette is a women's embodiment

 and empowerment guide; an entrepreneur and wisdom keeper. Her signature methodology of the Four Reclaimed Feminine Archetypes supports women to move through unconscious collective shadows and transmute their shame into their freedom. Annette was initiated in the Wise Woman Tradition of healing and is the founder of Wild Nettle, a movement to return simple healing remedies to the world. Annette is also a doula and is currently enrolled at the International Academy Hagia to become a professor of modern matriarchal studies. Her mission is to return ancient feminine rites of passage to our modern society. Her offerings are simple and deep, rooting you back into your body and your connection to the Earth.  

Learn More: @annettemuller

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Guinevere Private Guest Farm, Tulbagh

Screenshot 2021-11-06 at 13.15.08.png

Guinevere Guest Farm is located 120 km from Cape Town in the idyllic Tulbagh Valley and will become your sanctuary for our weekend together. 


This majestic venue provides the perfect landscape for us to awaken our inner Empress and find clarity on what our highest vision is for the year ahead. 

We are blessed to hold space on this sacred land which is considered to be one of the major energy vortexes on our planet. It is said that Tulbagh lies on the 12th Planetary Gate and holds a frequency of "everlasting light."


Come and immerse yourself in a portal of transformation and expansion, where, surrounded by breathtaking beauty, we will raise our frequencies and the frequency of our planet.

Included in your ticket

3 Days & 2 Nights of Connection & Activation

The diverse combination of Ezlyn, Alexia, and Annette is guaranteed to take you on a transformational journey. With their combined expertise, you'll embark on a holistic program that promises both variety and depth. Anticipate an array of captivating workshops spanning restorative embodiment, subconscious repatterning, holistic healing, soul mastery, creative expression, and the art of feminine leadership.

Full body nourishment & replenishment

Gourmet plant-based cuisine prepared using all local and organic produce. Full meals, snacks, teas, medicinal herbal infusions, and fruit trays will be available throughout your stay. Please specify in your email whether you have any special dietary requirements. 

Beautiful & Comfortable Accommodation

A completely private guest farm for our private use. Access to a dam for swimming, nature paths for walking, and incredible indigenous flora and fauna for foraging and herbal wisdom.

Bedroom 4- First Floor 3.jpg
Bedroom 5- First Floor 2.jpg


King Bed with Private En-suite

A limited amount of single-occupancy rooms with a king-sized bed that includes your own private en-suite bathroom and access to a beautiful outdoor balcony. 


Shared Room with Double Bed

We also offer spacious rooms with double beds for sisters who are happy to share a room. Includes your own shared bathroom.


Payment plans are available. For more information:


What makes our retreat special? 

Embodied Wisdom


WWC Group Photo.jpeg

Feminine Leadership

A Co-Created Experience

Personal Mastery

Earth & Body 

Soul-level Connections


Charlotte-Hambly Nuss,

Managing Director OTI PetroSmart & VP Global Petroleum

Portia Tshabalala, Technologist & Entrepreneur, Portiadecatonis 

"This retreat was transformational. I leave a multidimensional woman..."

Ella Grieg, Women's Circle Facilitator & Cyclical Living Guide

Brandy Taylor,

Travel Specialist, Khashana

"It is nothing you would expect... and everything you need."

Thalea Pretorius, 

Coach & Founder Hersunkissedsoul

"Trust these three women. They are incredible"

Reneé La Tour

Business Strategist & Consultant

"It has been transformational for my life"

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