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An ode to grief

Grief as a companion ⁣

i am not looking to let go of you⁣

i am not looking to overcome you ⁣

i am not looking to defeat you ⁣

i am looking to be with you ⁣

i see you and touch you and taste you

our dance is beautiful ⁣

i will stay up late at night⁣ with you

i will wake to the birds song with you

alone in our very own cradle of ⁣

tears and sweat and sound ⁣

i let you envelop me and at times ⁣

i let you drown me ⁣

you are the gift that has broken my heart ⁣

and opened me to living ⁣

led me to the missing pieces of my soul ⁣

grief, i will not deny you a room in my house

or a place in my bed ⁣

i will take you out with me and ⁣

let them see you upon my weighted shoulders ⁣

and within my tired, red eyes⁣

i will let the rains outside find melody ⁣

with your noise as you rush out from 

inside me, around me 

and through me ⁣

and then back into me again ⁣

when i lost what i loved ⁣

you became my companion ⁣

the key to my falling apart ⁣

and the source of my freedom ⁣

I wrote this poem on grief during lockdown after ending my engagement. Writing is cathartic, it comes in waves when I am out of tears and searching for solace.

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